How To Fix A Wooden Chair Back: Steps To Repair

Steps To Fix/Repair A Wooden Chair Back

In order to repair the back of the wooden chair, the user has to follow certain steps which are mentioned below:
  1. Rail And Spindle: Begin the repairing process by holding the back rail and spindle with the hands. After that carefully twist and wiggle them, remove the rails and spindles that should be repaired or replaced.
  2. Pry The Section: Now the next step is to pry the section open as much as possible with the help of the knife and insert in the splits or cracks. Once the cracks are open enough then enter the best quality wood glue in the cracks and remove the knife, now it should be compressed with the clamps, in case the clamps are not available then use the masking tape to wrap.
  3. Dry: Remove the excess glue with the help of the damp cloth. And allow the glue to dry for the night after the night take away the clamp or tape and scrape the dried glue using the putty knife.
  4. Drill: Now use the power drill having the 1/4 inch drill bit, after that start drilling from up to down of the rail or spindle, the hole should be at least one and a half inch in depth. In case the bit penetrates well to the other side, then it is perfect.
  5. Glue: The next step is to apply the glue on the inside of holes and tape a dowel with the help of the hammer then leave it to dry for the whole night, in case the dowels remain outside then cut extra, to adjust the color stain use the stain marker.
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