How To Fix A Warped Screen Door: Steps & Items Needed For Fixing A Warped Screen Door

Steps & Items Needed For Fixing A Warped Screen Door

The screen door that is out of the measurement will always function poorly and also compromise the home’s security & allow bugs into your home. You need to straighten your door as soon as possible to avert any of these problems from appearing. The good news for you is that this is something that any homeowner can do as a DIY project in just an afternoon. Accommodate your door as well as making sure all of your molding surrounding your door is firmly fastened will restore it to working condition. If you want to fix a warped screen door then you just need to collect all the required items and follow some simple steps. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Things Needed For This Process

  • Level & Screwdriver
  • Wood Shims
  • Door Jamb Saw
  • Hammer
  • Galvanized Finish Nails

Step To Perform This Task

  • The first thing you need to do is open screen door. You just need to place a level across the top edge as well as the latch side edge of your door. If you see that your door is high on your hinge side, you will also need to shim your lower hinge. If your door is high on the latch side then you also need to shim the top hinge.
  • The next step is to remove the screws on your hinge that will require shimming. You need to slide a shim betwixt the hinge & your door jamb. Then place a level against the latch side edge of your door. Slide the shim in or out to bring your door to the exact level. You just need to hold your shim in a place where your door reads plumb.
  • The next thing is to drive your hinge screws through with the mounting holes & shim into your door jamb by using a screwdriver. Also, check your door for plumb along with the top & latch side edges of your door just to make sure that you shimmed it properly.
  • After that, you now need to saw the shim flush with your door jamb by using a door jamb saw.
  • Next, inspect your door molding along with the sides & top of your screen door. Also, look for the loose sections of the molding. The loose molding sections don't make your door to be out of plumb, instead, they become loose when a door is out of the plumb. The loose molding will disrupt with the operation of your door that needs to be taken care off while straightening your door.
  • Finally, give support to any loose sections of the molding with your door jamb. You need to hold your molding in place & hammer galvanized finish nails through with your molding into your door frame every 6 to 8 inches.

Tips & Warnings

  • You need to wear eye protection during the process of hammering the nails.
  • You also need to inspect the screen door incessantly & then you need to make repairs as necessary to keep it in good working condition.
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