How To Fix A Warped Cabinet Door: Step By Step Instructions Of Fixing A Warped Cabinet Door

Step By Step Instructions Of Fixing A Warped Cabinet Door

The warped cabinet doors will not close in a proper way that will not look very good at all. The older cabinets are much more prone to warping than new ones. Below the user will go through the step by step instructions of fixing the warping problem:

Types And Problem Of Warping

There are 2 main kinds of warping. One is known as centerline warping, in which there is a bow in the wood that can be running either from the lengthwise or from the width-wise, and the other one is twisted one warp in which the corners of the opposite side will twist away from each other. Each of them has to be dealt with in their own way. A warped door can have a number of problems. The warping normally happens if there is any water source like the sink. The door will easily suck up the moisture that is in the air, this moisture will help the door to warp.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. The first step is to take off all the hardware from the cabinet door with the help of drill driver having the correct bit size.
  2. Once the above step is done, then place some of the patio bricks on the workbench on which the cabinet door will be kept some inches over the bench. They will be positioned in a way that it will run parallel to the warp of the door, for instance, in a warp of lengthwise place the patio bricks that are supporting the door on the longer ends, and in the widthwise warp the patio blocks will be on the short ends.
  3. Position the cabinet door over the bricks in a way that the bow is facing in the upwards direction. Directly on the warped bow, place the board.
  4. Carefully position the blocks of the concrete right on top of the board, and at the same time, the bow will start to even out & this will be due to the weight of the patio blocks. Normally, the users like to place enough weight for the slight warp of the door that is in the opposite direction is due to the fact when they do that, the flexible nature of the wood will help to return the door to the original shape once the weight is removed.
  5. Leave the weight as well as the humidity of the room to remove the warping of the cabinet door. The user needs to check the door after every other day, but it can also take a week or two days for permanently removing the warp of the door.
  6. When there is no warping on the cabinet door, take-off the blocks and take the door to space where it was mounted. Position the door on the flat floor or the surface and position some of the blocks on top as this is just to keep it flat as well as at the proper level before mounting it back. Leave it to dry out as well as acclimate for a couple of days before remounting it back to its place.
  7. From the corner to the corner measure the cabinet door. Use the measurements that are done to buy the correct size of the threaded truss rod. Then the top of the truss must be screwed in one of the corners that are twisted. With the help of a drill bit make the pilot hole as well as tight the 1/4-inch screws.
  8. Secure the bottom mount in a similar way from another twisted corner. Start to tighten the threaded adjuster with the help of a hand exactly from the center of the truss. This will help in pulling the 2 twisted sides altogether and then level the cabinet door once again. Take a small adjustable wrench for tightening the threaded adjuster.
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