How To Fix A Tablecloth That Is Too Big: Step By Step Process Of Fixing A Long Tablecloth

Step By Step Process & Useful Tips Of Fixing A Long Tablecloth

The user can shorten a tablecloth simply by making a temporary or permanent hem. There are different ways that are used for shortening the tablecloth that is too big, but the best step by step process is mentioned below:
  1. One of the options is to simply trim and then finish 1 or 2 tablecloths cut edges to shorten them and balance the tablecloth. For instance, trim out all the extra tablecloth besides leaving the final required length with 1 inch extra for hemming. In case of a no-sew method, simply fold the table cloth underneath of the cut edge by about ½ inch, press down the fold, and after this again fold by a 1/2 inch as well as tuck in the strip of an iron with the help of a web tape that is fusible. Apply a cloth that is pressed and then take the iron for ironing the bond with the tape to the double hem.
  2. Without cutting the tablecloth, the user can hem the tablecloth temporarily. In order to do this, carefully center the tablecloth on the table on which it is used and then fold the extra fabric to the lower side. Fix the binder clips underneath the fabric as this will help to secure the hidden, extra fabric with the rest of the cloth. These binder clips can usually be found at the office supply store. For making a pinch pleat effect, fix the fabric as well as the folds to the underneath of the cloth at the even intervals. Press down the new edges that are folded for improving the hang of the drop that is vertical. The important point to note down is to remove the binder clips before laundering.
  3. The other way that can be done with the excess fabric is to make a decorative border simply by folding all the edges to the underside and then fixing using a decorative pin that must be inserted from the face of the tablecloth. Attach the pins at the even intervals exactly near the perimeter of the cloth as this will give a more much-balanced effect. Press down all the edges that are folded to give it a crisp look, but avoid the pressing of the pins. Again take off the pins before laundering.

Important & Useful Tips

  • In order to decide how much the tablecloth must drape over the edge sits on a chair that is used for the table. For instance, the fall can extend down to the lap or it can be closer to the floor. Usually, the standard drape is about 10 to 12 inches.
  • Practice folding as well as bonding the hem with the help of the scrap fabric to determine the correct setting of temperature to fix the web tape.
  • If in case the tablecloth has a border that is on all around the inside of the perimeter, then gently try to make the new dimensions in a way so that the tablecloth's opposite edges look equally symmetrical.
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