How To Fix A Swollen Door: Causes, Solutions, & Tips For Fixing The Swollen Door

Causes, Solutions, And Tips For Fixing The Swollen Door

With the span of time, wooden doors can warp, crack as well as swell. As the doors will fit the frame sizes that are particularly made for it, so the warping, as well as the swelling, will make the door strenuous to open. The user can fix this issue, but it depends on how severely the problem is and also the spot of the wrapping. Below the user can go through the causes, solutions, and tips for fixing the swollen door.

Causes Of A Swollen Door

Apart from exposure to the moisture which is the most likely cause or reason for the swollen door, there are some other reasons for the door to warp, swell, as well as change original shape. A door can also swell if it is close to the heat source, so it is important to keep the source of the heat 36 inches at least away from the door. The other cause can be the ventilation issue which can swell the door, especially the doors in the interior of the home, which is humid.

Will A Swollen Door Go Back To Normal?

Wood can expand as well as a contract once exposed to the moisture as well as the changes in climate. However, if the main cause of the swelling is the heat or moisture exposure, that time it may be unlikely that it will be fixed to the original shape. For instance, if the front door of the house has soaked a good amount of water because of the exposure to the rain and due to the lack of the sealant, the moisture will eventually evaporate, but the shape of the door can be changed forever.

Fix A Swollen Door

Fixing a swollen interior or exterior door is not an easy task. If in case a door has a minimum amount of the swelling then it can be fixed with the help of the good quality sander. However, if the swelling is beyond the minimal then it is not easy to fix. Some of the doors even can not be fixed at all, as well as any efforts that are made to return their original shape can make the matters worse. The other option that a user can try is to plan off a small section of the door or simply by detaching it, after that, place some of the weight on the affected area in order to bring it back into original shape. The user performs this with the help of simple tools like a plane, C-clamps, sawhorses as well as with weights.

Useful Tips

  • The main reason for swelling the front door from water is due to lack of protective finishing, so prevention is the best idea to avoid this problem. The paint is considered most effective when it comes to the swelling problem. If you paint the door using a wood primer, then it will help a lot in preventing the swelling. Also, a dehumidifier can be very helpful for the door to prevent it from getting swollen.
  • Both interior, as well as exterior wooden doors, have the swelling, but the exterior is more prone to these problems. Try to keep the doors away from heat as well as water sources to avoid problems of the swelling. Also, make sure to use good quality doors that will swell less.
  • While purchasing a door, apply the sealer for the exterior before fitting it & this is because it will help in protecting the door from getting swollen. Also, apply the exterior sealer on the front, back of the door as well as on the edges and the base.
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