How To Fix A Squeaky Mattress: Step By Step Process Of Fixing A Squeaky Mattress

Step By Step Process Of Fixing A Squeaky Mattress

You need to take control of your squeaky sofa bed and silence it once and for all so you can finally sleep in peace for a whole night. In order to stop the squeaks sound, you just need to apply wax or lubricant to the moving parts and tighten all loose screws. If you want to get rid out of this problem then you just need to go through the step by step process mentioned below:

Step 1: Find The Problematic Points

In order to silence the squeaky sofa bed then you need to pull it out into your full bed position. Now you need to sit or lie upon your bed by rolling or moving around until you hear the squeaking sound. Note all the potentially noisy areas so you can easily deal with them one by one.

Step 2: Remove The Mattress

You need to take your mattress completely off your sofa bed in order to inspect the framework. Since the sofa bed has many moving parts and any one of those joints or several of them, maybe the source of the squeaky sounds. Wiggle your frame a bit for looking any loose or wobbly parts that will remain still while your frame is in the extended bed position. Your mattress itself may squeak, so you need to sit or roll on your mattress while it rests on your floor to check it as well. Flipping your mattress may cut down on the squeaking if your mattress is your problem if you see that flipping doesn't help you and you may want to replace your mattress.

Step 3: Wax It Up

You need to remove nuts & bolts or screws one at a time and you need to do coating the threads & the undersides of a bolt or screw heads with the help of lubricating wax because the wax will help to create a cushion betwixt moving parts, which will avert some types of squeaks as your bed frame moves. The wax also won't drip and will leave less chance of staining your sofa fabric or your floor. You need to replace each part after you have coated it with your wax. Inspect the other pivot points along with your metal framework that folds from your sofa-to-bed position, by simply applying wax to those areas as well. If your sofa bed frame has wood slats on the bottom then you need to do a coat of wax along with all areas that touch your metal also helps silence the squeaky noise. If you're unable to buy a lubricating wax then a bar of soap or paraffin wax can be also used, although with the lubricating wax is acceptable to do a better job of silencing the squeaks sound.

Step 4: Mineral Oil Solution

If you are unable to coat some of the parts by using the wax, you can also use a few drops of clear lubricating oil or mineral oil. You just need to place an old folded towel or plastic tarp beneath your frame before oiling the parts to avert staining. Wipe drips off your framework with the help of a paper towel before placing your mattress back on your sofa bed.
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