How To Fix A Sagging Mattress: Best Ways Of Fixing A Sagging Mattress

Best Ways Of Fixing A Sagging Mattress

The sagging mattresses will not only look and feel bad, but they can also compromise the health with a span of time and potentially can cause back pain. A sagging mattress results in spinal pain or stiffness and this is because it throws the spine out of proper alignment. There are a number of ways of fixing sagging mattress issue, the best and some of the best & easy ways are mentioned below:

Way 1: Flip And Rotate The Mattress Regularly

Proper care is generally regarded as a better option than repair. In order to help prevent the mattress sagging as well as sinking, it is a good option to regularly flip and rotate the mattress. Most people like to sleep on a particular side and due to this with the span of time, the mattress will start to get saggy in that spot as it wears out slowly. This uneven surface of the mattress can especially be pronounced in the large-sized beds. So flipping as well as rotating the mattress will help to make sure that the weight is distributed evenly as the user sleeps.

Way 2: Consider A Mattress Topper

A quick, as well as the easy way to manage a saggy mattress without having to purchase a new one, is simply by getting a mattress topper. Usually, the mattress-toppers will differ from the regular mattress in terms of the thickness. They are much thinner and are designed in a way that will go on the surface layer. Consider using a luxury memory foam topper this is due to the fact that it feels luxurious but it comes in a fraction of the cost. It will help to cover up any lumpiness, minor sinking, as well as the sagging underneath.

Way 3: Use Pillows To Support sagging Space

The foam mattresses can easily suscept to the sagging. A quick and easy fix would be positioning a pillow of an appropriate size right over the affected area of the mattress. Cover it up using a tightly fitted sheet so that it will feel seamless when the user will lay on top of it. This must be enough to give the user a good sleep.

Way 4: Replace The Box Spring

In the case of the box spring beds, the problem might not be with the mattress, but the problem can be with the box spring under. The user needs to determine the condition of any unevenness. It is certainly very cheaper to replace a box of the springs than replacing an entire mattress.

Way 5: Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood

If the mattress has a little sag, or the user may notice that it might need more support right in a certain area, in some of the cases it can be fixed with the plywood. Just position the plywood between the mattress and the box spring, in the affected area that needs to be fixed. If the user does not have a box spring and rest the bed on the bed frame, then they might need to double up the plywood to ensure that it remains straight as well as sturdy. The plywood will not completely fix the problem but it will at least help. If the user wants a little more support from the mattress overall, cut the plywood in the same dimensions of the mattress, and then place the plywood underneath the entire bed.

Way 6: Fix A Memory Foam Mattress

If the memory foam mattress is sagging, then first try to rotate the bed at 180 degrees or simply flip it in case it is a double-sided mattress. This will make it in a way so that the body applies pressure in different areas. Sometimes this can even out the foam by simply redistributing weight.
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