How To Fix A Sagging Floating Shelf: Step By Step Procedure Of Fixing A Sagging Floating Shelf

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Fix The Sagging Floating Shelf

The Floating shelf is one of the easiest ways to store and to display the items over the wall. The floating shelves are ideal to get used in the small spaces where each space inch matters. These kinds of shelves are very streamlined as the users won't be able to see any uncovered hardware. If in case these kinds of shelves start to sag then they need to repair it quickly as if it is left untreated it can become dangerous. The users can easily fix the sagging floating shelf at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Screw Gun, Flat Bar, Drill
  • 7/16-Inch Drill Bit, Stud Finder
  • Pencil And Blind Shelf Supports


  • Unfasten The Screws: Start by finding the affixed screws on the surface of the shelf. Depending upon the shelf installation the screws might be placed at the back corner of the shelf or at the top or base of the floating shelf. Once the users find out the screws they need to unfasten them by using the screw gun.
  • Pull Off The Shelf: Then the users need to pull off the floating shelf from its affixed board far from the surface of the wall. Then they need to use the flat bar so as to carefully pry off the shelf from the board if in case they are facing any difficulty. Once they detached the shelf they need to place it aside.
  • Find The Studs: After that, drift the stud finder on the wall above from the affixed board where actually the shelf was attached so as to find out the studs. Once they find the studs then they need to mark down the stud location on the affixed board by using the pencil.
  • Align The Shelf: Now the users need to align the shelf with the affixed board. Then they need to mark down the related position of each stud at the shelf back edge by using the pencil. Then they need to drill the five-inch hole within the shelf back edge at each marking of the stud by using the drill that is equipped with the seven by sixteen drill bit.
  • Fasten The Board: Then they need to center the support of the blind shelf on the frontmost affixed board corner at each location of the stud. Then affix the support of the shelf to the affixed board by using the screws and the screw gun as well.
  • Line Up The Shelf: Finally adjust shelf with the affixed board. The holes that are present within the shelf will easily align with the support of the blind shelf. Then the users need to drift the shelf back to its place adjacent to the surface of the wall.
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