How To Fix A Sagging Couch With Plywood: Steps For Fixing Sagging Couch With Plywood

What Are The Step To Fix A Sagging Couch With Plywood?

Sagging refers to bulging or sinking downward by pressure, weight, or lack of strength. The Sagging Couch means a couch that has lost its strength and is becoming weaker over time. The term is associated with the couch cushions that have lost the shape & strength and the user can fix the sagging couch with plywood by following the below-given steps:
  1. Take Off The Couch Cushions:
    The first step will be to take off all the cushions from the furniture and place them aside.
  2. Measurement:
    In the next step, the user needs to measure the area where the cushions sit normally. The measurement includes length & breadth and the user needs to write down 3 inches lesser than the actual measurement of both length & depth.
  3. Cut The Plywood:
    The next step will be to cut the 1/4" plywood in a rectangular shape as of above-mentioned measurement. The plywood can be cut out using a circular jigsaw or saw.
  4. File The Corner & Edges Of The Plywood:
    The next step in the process is to file the corner & edges of the plywood in order to round them up and avoid sharp areas of the plywood that might cut into the couch's upholstery.
  5. Cut Foam Rubber:
    After that, the user needs to cut 1-2 inches of foam rubber into the same size as of plywood with scissors.
  6. Cut A Piece Of Cloth:
    The user needs to cut a piece of cloth e.g, an old sheet or a blanket with an approximate size of 6 inches more than the plywood or foam from each side.
  7. Spread Cloth On The Floor:
    After that, the user needs to spread the cloth on the floor and place the foam on to it followed by plywood on top of the foam.
  8. Use Staple Gun:
    In the next step, the user needs to pull the edge of the cloth up & over the long side of the plywood and use staple gun to fasten it up. The user needs to turn the cloth under and staple it every 2 inches in order to prevent the cloth from pulling it loose. Afterward, repeat the process to all the four sides until the plywood completely disappears.
  9. Place Padded Board On The Couch:
    The last step will be to place a padded board with padded side facing upwards on top of the couch followed by cushions. The user can sit on the couch afterward and see the difference.
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