How To Fix A Pulled Thread: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Fix A Pulled Thread

The snugs can usually occur at any time and especially on the intertwined fabric as of the baggy structures of the yarn. Then those snags will turn into holes. Usually, the sweaters are prone to getting the snags and then threads will then float to all over the surface of the sweater. The users can easily fix a pulled thread at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Clear Nail Polish, Small Crochet Hook
  • Blunt Tapestry Needle, Dritz Snag Nab It
  • Steam Iron And Clothes Steamer


  • Use The Crochet Hook: The users need to insert the hook of the crochet from the incorrect sweater side within the frontmost fabric side or the sweater near to the hole. If in case the users are not having the crochet hook then they need to make the hook out of the paper clip and then make a minute hook near to the end. The users are advised to allow the hook to be unbound so that the users can easily catch the loose yarn.
  • Lift The Thread: Then the users require to use the crochet hook so as to lift the baggy yarn from the fabric front side within the sweater backside. The users also need to lift the baggy thread from the fabric wrong side within the gap by using the needle and that needle should be blunt. The users are advised to be very patient and avoid making any hole much bigger.
  • Smooth The Baggy Threads: Now rotate the sweater towards its inside outwards. If in case the fabric is wrinkled then the users need to smoothen the meshed fabric. With the smooth guidance, the users can easily put the baggy thread back to its place.
  • Knot In The Place: If in case the snag is not damaged but it is still affixed with the sweater on both the ends then they need to use the hook so as to make the loop of the unfastened yarn. Then lift the yarn edge within the hole so as to make the minute knot within the inner sweeter side. The users are advised not to trim down the thread, all they need to do is to hold up the knot within the place towards the fabric wrong side. If in case the yarn is damaged at its one edge then tie up the knot within the unfastened yarn as tight within the inner sweater side.
  • Fasten The Knit: The users then need to trim the yarn ends by using the nail polish. Then let the polish to get dried off completely before they trim the back of the sweater towards the right side outwards.
  • Do The Final Check: Then the users need to rotate the sweater towards its right side outwards and then examine the snag site. The users then need to use their hands in order to smooth the tug knit into its shape. If in case the sweater appears rippled then they need to use the steamer cloth or the iron that is having the steam so as to smoothen down the fabric.
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