How To Fix A Laminate Floor That Got Wet: Steps To Repair

General Overview

Laminate flooring gets damaged by the water if not instantly treated. The moisture can ruin the entire surface that can be later hard to repair. In addition, it's very important to install the laminate flooring properly as per the manufacturer direction because improper installation of the laminate flooring can also result in the moisture damage. If the laminate flooring will be in contact with the water for long it will result in the damage that cannot be fixed.

Simple Steps To Repair A Laminate Floor If Wet

  1. Remove Threshold: To start repairing the wet laminate floor it is important to remove the threshold first.
  2. Damaged Pieces: Next step is to separate all the water damaged flooring pieces and secure the undamaged ones.
  3. Take Off Underlayment: Take all the underlayment out to proceed further.
  4. Gluing: Take new laminate flooring pieces and apply the glue over them. The gluing must be done as per the instructions labeled.
  5. Tongue And Groove: The tongue and groove of the new pieces must be lined up in the perfect position.
  6. Install: Install the newly glued laminate flooring pieces in place of the water damaged pieces and in between the good ones.
  7. Tap Block: Fit the old scrapes as ‘tap block’ into the edges to support and secure the new flooring pieces.
  8. Cutting: If in case cutting is required make sure to cut them exactly as per the tongue and groove direction.
  9. Wall Pieces: It is recommended to cut the wall pieces an inch short for installation.
  10. Thresholding Re-installation: At last the shoe molding and threshold need to be re-installed.
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