How To Fix A Drawer That Falls Out: Ultimate & Easy Way For Fixing Falling Drawer

Ultimate & Easy Way For Fixing A Falling Drawer

The drawers open as well as shut through a system of slides and rollers, that are also known as tracks. If functioning properly, the roller slides in the back and forth direction on the tracks, which will allow the drawer to open and shut smoothly. But improper installation or wear and tear can lead to the drawers falling out of their tracks. In that case, the user can follow the steps given below in order to fix the falling drawers issue:
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove out the drawer from its slot as this will help to access the tracks. While pulling the drawers out lift up on it, removing the drawer at an angle. If needed, jiggle the drawer slightly but from side to side because this will help it to break free of the tracks, like as one side has been fallen out but not the other one.
  2. Mounting: Check out the mounting for the tracks. The mounting should be secure as well as pushed all the way onto the back of the furniture on which the drawers are installed. Tight any of the loose screws with the help of drill.
  3. Inspect: Check the tracks for any kind of damaged sections, for example, the damaged section can be a bent area that could cause rollers to come out of the track. To solve this problem use pliers to bend out the crooked sections back into the right place, so that the rollers won’t slide out. If necessary the user can also remove the track by unscrewing all the mounting screws, bending it back straight and then replace the track.
  4. Check: After the above step is done then its time to check that the tracks are installed in the proper way. Most of the tracks have arrows pointing in the upward direction for indicating the proper installation way. If in case they are pointing in the down direction, then loosen the screws, remove the track, and then flip it around to reinstall it properly.
  5. Stripped-out Screw Holes: In the last step look for any stripped-out screw holes where the screws are not mounted firmly. In that case, remove the screws out, then reposition the track, and install the screws into new holes. Continue the process for both of the tracks so that they line up.

Important Tip

Sometimes the user can also use the glue or epoxy for fixing the stripped screws as this will help it to hold them in place rather than removing the tracks. In case of the broken or even bent-beyond-repair tracks, take it to the local home improvement store and buy the matching tracks for reinstalling.
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