How To Fix A Door That Rubs At The Top: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Fix A Door That Rubs At The Top

This is quite important for the users to know to fix the rubbing door so as to make the minute repairs of the home. There are so many reasons behind the rubbing of the room that can also consist of the shifting of foundations and also settling the floor that bumps the door to get bumped. The door that rubs can easily damage the varnish, paint to the doorjamb, and to the door as well and even can make the carpet or the flooring to get bunched up. It can also be very difficult to bind or unbind the doors. The users can personally repair the rubbing of the door and can also forbid the charge of the repairing person. The users can easily fix the door that rubs at the top at home by gathering the below-mentioned material and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Ratcheting Screwdriver, Drill With Screwdriver Attached
  • Stepladder, Pencil, Hammer
  • Screwdriver Or Awl, Masking Tape
  • Sandpaper, Belt Sander, Or Circular Saw
  • Paint, Stain, Or Varnish


  • Open The Door: Start by opening the door and then stand directly over the stepladder so as to examine the top door surface. The users will also check the marks at that point where the door jamb has scuffed the door or rubbed the door where it is hitting. Usually, the marks will be few inches long and then the users require to use the pencil so as to scribble the lines all over the scuff marked area over the door surface.
  • Use The Sander: Then the users need to install the sandpaper piece on the sander and then once again climb the ladder and then start the sanding process where the users have marked the scuffed lines. Then they need to make the sander roll at the edges gently and it is quite simple if the door top tapers on all of its sides.
  • Move The Sander: Now make the sander to move in the back and in the forth motion and with the immense pressure so as to detach the lines that are present on the door surface.
  • Repeat The Sanding Process: Next the users need to step down from the ladder. Then they need to make the door shut and open few times and if the users still feel that the door gets stuck then they need to climb on the ladder on more so as to examine the scribble lines that are present over the scuff marks. Then they need to repeat the sanding process and the scribbling process as well until the door will get shut back that too without getting hit and sticking at top.
  • Apply The Varnish Or Paint: Then sand down the door top by using the fine-grit sandpaper and they need to keep on the sanding process till the door top does not get smoothened. Then they need to sand down the corners smoothly. If in case the door was having the natural-toned finish then the users require to spray the 2 coats of the varnish and then let the first coat to get dried off completely before applying the second layer of the varnish. If in case the door is having the paint then the users require to reapply the paint over the area that is sanded so as to match that part with the other door surface.
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