How To Fix A Door That Rubs At The Bottom: Two Methods Of Fixing A Door That Rubs At The Bottom

Two Methods Of Fixing A Door That Rubs At The Bottom

A well-installed door usually has a fair amount of room that is meant for swinging out on the floor without rubbing. If in case the doors will rub at the bottom then it will not only slow down but will create the wear marks as well as the fraying on the carpet or on any types of flooring. The two methods that can be used for fixing the door that rubs at the bottom are mentioned below:

Method 1: Adjust The Top Hinge

  1. Take a screwdriver for tightening the screws at the top of the hinge that is on the door as well as on the frame. With the span of time, the screws will loosen, which in turn, results in the dragging of the bottom of the door to the floor. Test the door once done in order to check if the rubbing at the bottom has stopped.
  2. Insert the longer screws in place of the stripped hinge screws, the longer screws are the better & best option to support the door. Determine the swing of the door once done to check if the rubbing has been fixed.
  3. From the door frame, carefully unscrew the top hinge. Remove out any of the shims that are in-between the hinge plate as well as the door frame. Reattach the hinge and then test the door for any problem.
  4. Replace the damaged or the hinges that are warped with a new one that is heavy-duty hinges. The stronger and the best quality hinges can help a lot to support the door effectively as well as will also allow swinging it properly.

Method 2: Cut The Bottom Edge Of The Door

  1. First of all, remove the door from the hinges simply by unscrewing all the hinges from the frame of the door. Place the removed door onto a flat work table.
  2. Take a straightedge as well as a marker for drawing a line on all along the bottom of the removed door where the door needs to be cut.
  3. For safety purposes, wear safety glasses. Take a circular saw having a metal cutting blade for cutting from all along the line that is made in the above step.
  4. Cover up the cut edge of the door with the help of a door sweep that will wrap on around the door. With the help of a drill, predrill holes for fasteners. Use the fasteners to secure the sweep with the door, the fasteners came with the door sweep. Reattach the door simply by screwing the hinges.

Important & Useful Tips

  • It is highly advisable to never cut the fire-rated door, as the fire rating will void and also the function interferes with the door. These kinds of doors are usually found at the garages, basements, as well as at the stairways. All of the fire-rated doors have some kind of fire label that is on both the door as well as on the frame & this is for the identification.
  • If in case the user will prefer not using the door sweep, then the user can reattach the skin of the metal of door with the bottom, once cutting the door with the size is done. Remove the wood from the piece that was cut, after that apply the adhesive to the metal skin of the strip.
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