How To Fix A Broken Toilet Tank Lid: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Fix A Broken Toiled Tank Lid

Usually, the tanks of the toilet are built from the porcelain material that is also termed as the ceramic material. The porcelain material is having a porous surface on the interior but not on its outer surface so as to offer the waterproof surface which can be maintained and cleaned easily. The porous surface of porcelain can respond easily to the adhesive and some glue material. Once after the adhesive is dried off completely the glued porcelain material will be as strong as the real one. The users can easily fix a broken toilet tank lid at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Table, Dish Soap, Nylon Brush
  • Paint Brush, Ceramic Glue
  • Rag And Duct Tape


  • Flush The Toilet: Start by flushing the toilet so as to drain within the tank if in case the users want to repair the tank. If in case they want to repair the tank cover then they need to detach the cover and then place it over the surface of the table. They need to completely replace the entire tank if the damage is beneath the level of the water.
  • Wash The Break: Then the users need to wash down the break on both of the pieces by using the dish soap and the water solution. Then scrub down the porous items so as to detach the grime, dust, or the ceramic chips that are left sticking to the damaged spot by using the minute nylon brush. Then rinse it down and let the damaged pieces to get dried off completely.
  • Spread The Glue: After that, spread the glue of ceramic within the break by using the applicator. If desired the users can also apply the ceramic glue by using the small-sized paintbrush. The users are advised to apply the ceramic glue effectively on each break side.
  • Push The Broken Pieces: Then push down the broken pieces with each other till the ceramic glue comes out of the crack. Then wipe down the unneeded glue by using the soft dry rag. If in case the users have to repair the tank cover then they need to drift the tank cover adjacent to the wall so as to let the gravity hold up the pieces with each other till the glue gets cured completely. If in case the users need to repair the tank itself then they need to wrap the tape smoothly all around the broken pieces as the tape will eventually work as the clamp and will hold up the pieces together till the ceramic glue gets dried off completely.
  • Remove The Tape: Finally detach the tape once the glue is dried off completely for near about 2 days and it will also depend upon the quality of the glue that the users have used.
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