How To Fix A Broken Door Hinge: Easy Directions & Important Tips Of Repairing Door Hinge

Easy Directions And Important Tips For Repairing A Broken Door Hinge

With the span of time, the weight of a door may cause screws to pull out of the holes and make all the hinges loose. The easy directions for repairing broken door hinges that hang loosely off the door is shown below:
  1. Inspect: The first step is to check the door hinge and look for where it is loose from the door or doorjamb. All the screw holes where the hinge is loose must be repaired.
  2. Remove The Screws: With the help of a Phillips screwdriver remove the screws which hold the door hinges to the door as well as to the doorjamb. It is important to have a helper for holding the door while removing the hinges. Keep the door on the helper's side, but the hinge side must face towards you.
  3. Measure The Length Of The Screws: After measuring the length transfer the measurement to the wood dowel with the help of a pencil. Place the dowel on a well flat work surface, keep the end that is going to cut hanging off from the side. Cut the dowel to size using a handsaw.
  4. Wood Glue: Now insert the end of the dowel in the strong wood glue then secure the glued end in the hole of the first screw as far as it will go. Repeat the same process to glue rest of the dowels.
  5. Wood Filler And A 3/4-inch Bead Of The Hardener: After the above step is done then mix a small ball of the wood filler with the hardener. Then with the help of a putty knife apply the mixed wood filler on all the screw holes but in a thin layer and continue to add thin layers on all dowel-filled screw holes. The user can overfill all the holes slightly, as this may shrink upon drying. Wait for about 30 minutes for the wood putty to dry and then start sanding on all the filled holes as this will help to make the surface smooth as well as even.
  6. Hold The Door Back-Up: With the help of a helper place the door back, keep the hinge side of the door exactly near the hinge side of the jamb. Place all the hinges back into their place, or mortises, in the door as well as in the doorjamb. Drive in the screws through the screw holes on the hinges as well as in the door until they are fully tight and will not move. The dowel, as well as all the wood putty-filled screw holes, will be now strong enough to hold the screws.

Important Tips

  • The wooden dowels often come in a variety of different diameter sizes, so purchase the one that is of the exact same diameter as the hinge screws. The other option is to take the screw to the hardware store and then pick a wood dowel.
  • If the user can not find the wood filler, then use wood putty instead.
  • If in case the wood filler and the dowels do not fix up the broken door hinge issue, then switch the hinge screws with the screws but of the same diameter and must be 2 inches or 3 inches in length.
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