How To Fix A Bifold Closet Door Knob: Step By Step Guide And Items Needed

Step By Step Guide And Items Needed To Fix A Bifold Closet Door Knob

The bi-fold door anchors are located on the hinged side of your door on your floor. They look like rectangular brackets & are mostly bent at 90 degrees. One side screws to your wall & one side screws to your floor. The side that screws to your floor have a serrated slot. If you have a bifold closet door and you want to fix its knob then you need to collect all the required items and follow the steps afterward. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Things Needed

  • Drill/Driver
  • Replacement Anchor (Optional)
  • 2-Inch Screws
  • Assorted Screws

Step By Step Guide

  • Firstly, you need to lift up on your door with both hands. There is a spring-loaded pivot at the top & the spring is abbreviate when you lift up on your door. Tilt the lower portion of your door toward your body in order to release the pivot from the bottom anchor & lift your door from the opening.
  • Now you need to remove the screws securing the anchor to your floor & your wall. You need to use a drill/driver to remove two screws on your wall side of the door anchor. Next, remove a single screw securing the anchor to your floor.
  • Then, start examining the serrations on the slot. If they are unreasonably worn, blunted, or smooth, buy a new anchor. If they're comparatively clean & sharp it's OK. The presumable cause of your problem is stripped screw holes in your floor and wall will cause the anchor to move, slip or tilt.
  • Next, place your new anchor in place on your wall & floor, coordinate the pilot holes in the anchor with the old holes in your wall & floor. Screw the anchor to your wall & floor by using the drill/driver & 2-inch screws.
  • After that, screw the old anchor to your floor & wall, if the serrations are still good, with the new screws that are 1 inch longer than your old screws. The longer screw will pervade more deeply, past the striped area of your older screw to secure the anchor to your wall & floor.
  • Now you need to pick up your door with both hands. Tilt it slenderly & insert the top pivot into the bracket at the top. Swing your door upright, lower your door & allow the bottom pivot to enter your anchor.
  • Finally, open your door. If the side of your door contacts your wall, lift up on your door from the bottom. Move your door 1/4 inch away from your wall & lower it again. The serrated knob on the bottom bracket will move one or two serrated notches to the right inside your slot & lock again to reposition your door. Check & reposition again if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your door pivots are sloppy & loose then you need to replace them with new ones.
  • If your door still doesn't work right, the problem may be with the pivot on your door. It's a bolt with a serrated knob on the end that screws into the bottom of your door. It will control the height of your knob that fits into the door anchor. If essential, then screw the knob up or down so that the knob on your door is the correct length to fit accurately into the door anchor.
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