How To Finish Wood Stairs: Best Way To Refinish Wood Steps

Best Way To Refinish Wood Steps

The best way to Refinish/Finish Wood Steps or stairs are given below:
  1. Preparing: The first step in finishing the stairs is to remove the carpet or runner from the stairs.
  2. Windows: The next step is to open all the windows to make the area well ventilated.
  3. Check For Loose Nails: The next step is to look for any loose or protruding nails, in case there is any then hammer them to make even with the stairs.
  4. Tape: Now the next step is to cover the area where the stairs meet wall with the tape, this will help to have full access to the stairs.
  5. Strip The Old Finish: The customer needs to look for what finish is currently on the stairs in case it is thick paint or stain then the chemical stripper is needed. Simply apply the chemical stripper to the surface area with the brush and wait for some time according to the instruction on the can.
  6. Scrap The Finish: After some time scrap the finish with the help of the putty knife. But while using the chemical stripper ventilate the area.
  7. Sanding: Now the user has to switch to sanding with the help of the medium grit sandpaper as this will help to remove the existing finish and will also buff out the dents and nicks. For the surface use the electric orbit sander. After this switch on to the fine grit sandpaper.
  8. Clean: Once the sanding is completed the user needs to sweep or vacuum all the sanding dust. Then run a damp cloth over the surface of the stairs.
  9. Apply Stain: The next step is to apply the stain on the stairs, in case of the water-based stain apply with the paintbrush, while in case of the gel-based use the rag to apply. Start staining from the top end and let the stain to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes then wipe the excess with the clean dry cloth.
  10. Dry: Allow the stain to dry completely then go for 2 or 3 coats depending on the desired color.
  11. Seal: Once the staining job is done the next step is to go for the sealing coat with the floor-grade polyurethane varnish. Sealing the stairs is very important as it is high-traffic areas in home or office.
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