How To Finish Tile Edges With Caulk: Easy Process Of Finishing Tile Edges With Caulk

Easy Process Of Finishing Tile Edges With Caulk

In order to give your tile a professional look, it is important to finish your exposed tile edges. To finish the tile edges, a standard bullnose trim can always be used, however, there are several other options as well, such as caulk, wood, and metal. Using the right trim, it is highly possible to create all sorts of looks, ranging from classic and seamless, to bold and contemporary. Bullnose tiles have finished edges that are usually meant to be placed or fixed with wall tile. They generally have a smooth rounded edge that is used to create a transition betwixt the tile and the wall. Remember that all the tiles do not have bullnose pieces available, however. In these cases, one of the other methods can be used when it comes to finishing the edge of a tile installation. In a shower installation, this may include the vertical edges at the front of the stall as well as maybe the front edge of the ceiling tile.

Caulk The Tile Edges

  • If you are not looking to add another color or element to your kitchen, then in that case the best option is to caulk the tile edge in order to finish it off. You have to fill the installer in that corner betwixt the tile and wall with caulk to match or complement the grout.
  • You will get the matching grout-caulk at the majority of the hardware stores next to or in the grout section. Your installer must be very careful when it comes to the tile alignment in order to bring into existence a nice straight line. They must also be good at producing a smooth finish using caulking.
  • Try to prevent a bumpy caulk line, calling attention to the lack of precision rather than the beauty of the tile. However, if the caulk line drifts a little onto the wall, touch it up with the help of some wall paint and call it a day.
  • One of the main reasons that bullnose tiles are not available for all types of tile is due to the reason that some tiles have the capability to finish the edge themselves. Glass tiles, tumbled stone tiles, as well as some of the porcelain tiles, have edges that do not need an individual edge piece.
  • They can be placed or fixed right up to the edge of the shower that does not need any transition to the wall. In order to give the edge a clean, waterproof finish, put down a piece of masking tape one grout joint away from the edge of the last tile. Fill this gap betwixt the tile and the masking tape with the help of a smooth bead of caulk. This will help in finishing the edge without extra tiles.
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