How To Dye Furniture: Steps & Methods To Dye Leather & Wood Furniture

Steps to Dye Leather Furniture

The dying process is mostly used to give a new and fresh look to an old wood or leather furniture. Follow the given steps carefully to get the best results of furniture dying:
  1. Select Color: Before starting the dying process on your leather furniture always remember to select the dye color according to your furniture.
  2. Grade And Quality: There are too many grades and quality of dye available in the market, so choose the best grade and quality for your furniture.
  3. Workspace: Select the workspace for your dying process, always perform this action in a well-ventilated area in order to avoid harm to your household items.
  4. Protection Sheets: Now put some painter's tape, plastic sheets and drop cloths. This will help you to protect walls, flooring and other nearby objects.
  5. Clean: Now, clean the couch by using diluted dish soap and water mixture in order to remove grease, grime, and dirt, from the leather furniture pores. Use about 5 drops dish soap in a water bottle then shake it & pour it onto a paper towel or on a rag and then scrub the leather.
  6. Prepare: After the cleaning process, prepare the leather furniture for the dyeing process. Use a sponge or paper towels then wipe the leather furniture, massaging the preparation on to the surface of your furniture but do not spray directly on the leather furniture because you don't have to saturate it and avoid using too much amount because it can damage the leather.
  7. Safety Equipments: Put the eye- goggles, face mask, and hand gloves to avoid any harmful chemicals.
  8. Rub: First shake the dye thoroughly and rub it on the leather furniture with a new sponge or you can also use an airbrush tool. Never apply a thick layer only a thin layer of the dye.
  9. Dry: Now dry the dye with the help of household hair dryer and be sure that the dye is fully dried before applying other coats of dye.
  10. Sponge: Airbrush or sponge the entire leather furniture surface with dye, carry on your work until you get the perfect matching color. Almost 2-3 layers are required to get the best results.
  11. Top Coat: This is the final step, apply leather furniture top coat after you finish the dyeing process. Before using the leather furniture leave it for 2-3 days.

Methods to Dye Wood Furniture

Follow one of the given methods to dye wood furniture:

Method 1: Using Powder Dye

  1. Cover: The first thing is to cover the work surface. Best items to cover the surface are plastic Cloth or some newspaper and also cover your hands with rubber gloves.
  2. Wood Is Ready: Before starting your dyeing process be sure that your furniture is sanded and varnished, wiped clean enough, if not make it smooth with sandpaper.
  3. Pour: Now shake the dye bottles then pour them each into a plastic container and start mixing the dye according to the instructions – you will need ½ cup of liquid dye or one box of powder dye with 2 cups of hot water. Use a ceramic bowl or glass to avoid reactions with the dye colors.
  4. Test: Dip a piece of scrap wood into the glass or ceramic bowl of dye. Leave for a while until it's darker enough if you want darker shade then add more water and dye according to your requirement.
  5. Now Dye: Dip a bristle brush, foam or old cloth in the dye mixture then spread it on the wood surface. Sand your wood immediately if the dye drops splash on the wood.
  6. Dry: Leave the furniture to dry completely. Place paper towels or some other suitable surface which won't stick on it then again leave it for overnight to get the best results.
  7. Polyurethane: Finally, spray with polyurethane to preserve the color of dye. You can also apply polyurethane a new bristle or foam brush.

Method 2: Using Drink Powder

  1. Workspace: Before starting any work with the wood furniture, the users should have a suitable place for the work. Use a table or other comfortable surface to work on. Cover the table with a plastic cloth or some other protective surface like newspapers.
  2. Prepare: Now prepare the drink powder with gloves to avoid staining your fingers and hands, now add drink powder to water to create a dye.
  3. Paint: Start your painting work by using a foam brush, spread the paint on the entire wood furniture.
  4. Dry: Let the wood furniture dry for nearly 16-20 minutes after spreading the dye. This is enough time to soak dye into the wood furniture. Keep the drying wood furniture in a windy or sunny place to dry quickly.

Method 3: Using Coffee

Remember this process is only for light-colored wood, such as pine wood.
  1. Pot Of Coffee: First, brew a coffee but remember this isn't a very strong dye and only suitable for light-colored wood, like pine wood. You will get a "weathered” look at the end. Make sure if your coffee is darker enough then you will get the darker dye effect.
  2. Remove: Remove your coffee pot from heat and allow the pot to cool . When your coffee is warm (not hot) now, use a rag or paintbrush dipped into the coffee pot then apply it on the wood furniture. Paint or rub in forth and back, across the wood.
  3. Dry: Allow the wood furniture to dry completely, it will only take few minutes.
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