How To Dye Bathroom Rugs: Step By Step Process Of Dyeing Bathroom Rugs

Step By Step Process Of Dyeing Bathroom Rugs

Dying is regarded as one of the best & simple ways when it comes to updating & renovating your favorite bathroom rug in order to match a new color scheme. As soon as you apply a fresh dye on the bathroom rug, it will help cover old stains or renew or restore a faded rug. But remember that all the bathroom rugs are not right or appropriate for dying. Rubber-backed rugs are the kinds of rug that will not take dye perfectly & properly, and any dye in the rubber backing can change to the bathroom floor and leave a stain. The rugs that are composed of natural fibers are considered the best rugs when it comes to dyeing, due to the reason that the synthetic fibers mostly resist dyeing. Rubber-backed rugs need a brush-on dyeing technique in order to make sure that the dye doesn't go into or through the rubber backing. Go through the below-mentioned simple & easy steps if you are looking to dye your bathroom rugs:
  1. Select A Darker Color Dye: First of all, you need to choose a darker color for dyeing that goes exceptionally well with the existing color of the rug, due to the reason that some of the old colors may nevertheless show at the base of the rug fibers. Position your rug fiber-side-up on a piece of plastic sheeting.
  2. Combine The Dye With Water: Now, amalgamate the dye with water having a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, in a glass or metal container. The amount, as well as the temperature of the water, may vary, which is totally dependent on the brand of dye, so go through the package instructions for the correct dye mixing procedure.
  3. Apply The Dye: Next, apply the dye onto the rug fibers with the help of a clean rag. Rub the dye into the fibers in order to penetrate as closely to the rubber backing as you possibly can. Thoroughly wet through or rinse the rug with the dye solution.
  4. Cover The Rug With Plastic Wrap: After that, protect the top of the rug with the help of a plastic wrap in order to keep the dye moist. Allow the dye to sit for the time period specified on the dye package, which can vary from 20 minutes to 24 hours totally dependent on the brand.
  5. Remove Plastic Wrap: Take off the plastic wrap and put an old towel on the rug in order to protect or conceal it. Press the rug with the help of a hot steam iron to set the dye in the fibers.
  6. Wash Out Excess Dye: Finally, wash out the excess dye from the rug using cold water as long as the water runs clear. Dry-clean in cold or hot water, as directed by the clearly defined or identified dye brand, with the help of a mild detergent. Wash a final time before drying and then your rug is ready to be used again.
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