How To Dry Wet Wood Furniture: Steps & Items Needed To Dry Wood

Steps & Items Needed To Restore/Dry Furniture With Water Damage

Your furniture can get wet due to many reasons like water, moisture, and other wet materials. If you want to dry your wet wood furniture then you need some items and to follow some important steps which are mentioned below:

Items Needed

  • Toothpaste
  • Bleach
  • Syringe
  • Baking Soda
  • Veneer Glue
  • Moisturizer

Steps To Dry

If you have gathered above mentioned items, then follow the given steps carefully to get the best result of wood furniture drying.
  1. Drying Wood Furniture: First check if your room temperature is suitable for your wood furniture then leave it in the room, the suitable temperature means warm temperature and good air circulation. If the heating system or fans are there then leave them open otherwise leave your furniture outside if the weather is suitable.
  2. Treat White Spots: In case, you found any white spot on your wood furniture then mix equal parts of baking soda and toothpaste and dip a wet cloth in this solution before rubbing it on the spots. Use dry piece of cotton fabric in order to polish affected area.
  3. Clean Mildew: Make bleach solution in case you find any mildew on your wood furniture and clean the wood furniture with it, then apply a new layer of finish.
  4. Buckled Veneer: If your furniture is too wet then the wood furniture veneer may warp or buckle. In this case, soak the veneer with a moisturizer and let the veneer be flat on the surface before wiping it and allowing it to dry.
  5. If the previous method didn't work then you need to fill a syringe with veneer glue and stick the needle between the veneer and the body of the wood furniture and then empty the syringe slowly. Remove it and place a wood block on top of the veneer and let dry the glue completely.
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