How To Dress A Bay Window: 5 Creative Ways & Ideas Of Dressing A Bay Window

5 Creative Ways & Ideas Of Dressing A Bay Window

The bay windows are regarded as a beautiful feature in any of the rooms, but dressing them can be a little difficult task. But don't worry, we are here to help you. Below are some of the creative ways & ideas for dressing bay windows that will work in any room and space.

Way 1: Combine Roman Blinds And Curtains

For each of the bay window dressing, choose a roman blind, and measure them in a way so that they will hang slightly on the frame of the window as this will help to ensure that the entire glass is fully covered and there are no gaps left at the edges of the roman blinds. The user can go for the large floral pattern of the roman blinds with a plain curtain in the toning color. The roll-up roman blinds are regarded as a simple and best solution for the bay windows, while the curtains can be used to add extra privacy or can be used for a decorative purpose.

Way 2: Use Curtains At The Bottom Of Bay Window

For an informal look, simply hang the pieces of linen or the light fabric right at the bottom half of the window, allowing the light right through the top half, and this will also create privacy. Hang the panels of the fabric on a flexible net curtain wire, this way they can be gathered at one side if the user needs more light. The overall look is contemporary and will help to bring the look all together with the other elements around the room, like the linen cushions as well as the pale furniture.

Way 3: Hang A Curtain At Each Window

The curtain poles for the bay windows can be very expensive and difficult to fit all around the curves as well as bends, so fitting up a separate pole at each of the windows is a good idea. Simply hang a pair of the curtains exactly in the middle of the bay window and then frame each of the sides with another curtain. This will help to create a sophisticated look, bringing all the focus to the bay window, and tie up the back hooks which is fitted high up and this will allow the curtains to be gathered in an attractive way. Complete the look using a narrow pelmet all around the top of the bay window in a dark fabric.

Way 4: Hang A Curtain Across The Front

For a simple and fuss-free look, the user needs to hang a thin wire rail all across the front of the bay window with a linen curtain as this will help to create privacy without blocking out all the light. If the user has a desk area or storage in the bay window space which the user wants to hide, then this curtain will be an ideal screen, keeping the rest of the room clutter-free.

Way 5: Combine Panels With Curtains

The light pattern fabric screens are a neat and easy way of diffusing light as well as creating privacy at a bay window. On a sliding rail fit the screens, that are designed in a way to fit all around the curves of the bay.
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