How To Do Furniture Restoration: 10 Easy Steps To Restore Wooden Furniture

General Overview

Furniture is usually manufactured by different types of materials like wood, iron, plastic, fiber, and steel and the best thing about these items is its life span which is very good. Furniture gives an awesome look at home, offices, and buildings but one of the drawbacks of the furniture is that it can easily be damaged by heavy and sharp items like sharp blades and knives. Furniture affected by such things is not an easy task to restore, so if the users want to extend the life of the furniture then take good care of the furniture. After few years, the color of the furniture will fade, so avoid direct sunlight on the furniture. To keep the furniture look beautiful, attractive and shinning, the users need to perform restoration process every now and then. Old furniture needs to be updated by cleaning, polishing & restoring it regularly.

10 Easy Steps To Restore Wooden Furniture

In order to restore the old and damaged wooden furniture the user needs to follow the given steps carefully:
  1. Clean: Before starting the restoration process of furniture, the user needs to clean the entire furniture. Work outside to avoid damage or stains to household items. Wear safety equipment like eye goggles, hand gloves, etc. You can Use mineral spirit or simply dish soap and water mixture. Simply mix dish soap in a bucket with water and use sponge before rubbing it lightly.
  2. Scrape Off: The user can use a putty knife or scraping tool in order to scrap old wood patches that will give a new surface to the furniture and it will be helpful for the restoration process. Scrap slowly to avoid any damage to the furniture.
  3. Seal Or Stain: After scrapping process now the user need sealer or stainer. Apply sealer or stainer on the entire furniture with the help of a soft paintbrush. After applying the sealer, make furniture dry for nearly 30-40 minutes.
  4. Paint: Now choose suitable paint according to the furniture and start painting the furniture with paintbrush. Now let the furniture dry for approximately 1-2 hours before starting the sanding process.
  5. Sand: Start with 60grit sandpaper in order to get the best surface for restoration. Sand the surface slowly to avoid any deep damage on the furniture, repeat this process until the user has exposed the original surface of the furniture. Wipe the dust with a clean cloth or with a brush.
  6. Paint Stripper: Paint stripper is the best way to restore badly damaged furniture. Before using paint stripper wear eye-protection goggles, face mask and hand gloves in order to avoid any damage to the body parts. Use preferably old paintbrush, dip the brush in paint stripper and apply it to the badly damaged area of the furniture. Use a clean cloth to wipe this chemical and then remove any damaged patches with scrapper.
  7. Wood Filler: Now it's time to refill the damaged area. Use wood filler with a putty knife and fill holes and cracks if any and let the wood filler dry for nearly 24 hours.
  8. Sand: Now use fine sandpaper slowly on the wood filled area to avoid any damage and wipe the dust with a soft cloth.
  9. Apply: Now apply wood oil or wood stain to the furniture with a brush or with a soft clean cloth and let dry the furniture for about 10-15 minutes. Again sand the surface lightly for the next step.
  10. Prime And Paint: Apply wood primer on the furniture with the help of paintbrush, once the primer dries then sand the furniture with sandpaper, clean dust and now paint the furniture with suitable color.
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