How To Distress Wood With Vaseline: Steps For Distressing

Steps For Distressing Wood With Vaseline

In order to distress wood with vaseline, the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Preparations: The first step is to buff out the deep marks as well as the imperfections that the user don't want on the wood, after that with the help of the cleaning cloth remove any residue.
  2. Base Coat: Now the next step is to apply the base coat of the chalk paint, apply the base coat in the smooth and even strokes, after that give the paint enough time to dry before heading to the next step.
  3. Vaseline And Top Coat: After the base coat is completely dried, then with the help of the fingers apply the vaseline to the areas where the distressing is needed, the user can also use the small paintbrush instead of the fingers, the vaseline spreads quickly and easily so it is advisable to use the small amount of the vaseline.
  4. Best Area: The best area to apply the vaseline is the edges, raised sections, and corners of the piece as well as to the areas around knobs and handle.
  5. Paint: Once the vaseline is applied then use the soft brush to apply the first coat of the paint, spread the paint to the entire surface, allow the paint to dry completely.
  6. Create Distressed Effects: Once the top coat is dry then start distressing with the sandpaper, sand on the areas where the vaseline was applied, the best way is to work slowly in small sections.
  7. Protect The Piece: Before protecting the piece it is important to clean it with the damp cloth this will help to remove any sanding residue then dry with the towel, after the sealant protect the wood and secure the distressing.
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