How To Distress Furniture With Chalk Paint And Wax: 8 Easy Steps To Distress

8 Easy Steps To Distress Furniture With Chalk Paint And Wax

Do you want to give new life and antique look to your old furniture then follow the given steps carefully. These steps will help you to distress your old furniture with chalk paint and wax.
  1. Working Area: Check if your temperature is 15–28 °C then work outside if not then start your work inside in a room or in a hall or garage.
  2. Cover Household Items: Before painting and distressing the furniture, cover the surrounding area and items with a canvas sheet or tarp.
  3. Uninstall: If there is any type of hardware installed on your furniture then remove them before the painting process. If you are not able to remove hardware from furniture then cover them with a painter's tape.
  4. Sanding Process: Take finer sandpaper (150-grit) and lightly rub your furniture, and try to avoid applying too much pressure because it will damage the surface of the furniture. After finishing your sanding process now, clean the surface of the wood furniture with a soapy water solution to remove dust particles.
  5. Painting: Start your painting process now, take enough chalk paint and use long flexible china bristles brush, foam roller brush, or with the spray gun. Apply a second coat of your chalk paint if necessary
  6. Dry: After applying the paint, now let the furniture dry for nearly 24 hours.
  7. Apply Wax: Take a clean cloth and take some wax on it then apply on those areas which you want to distress.
  8. Distressing Process: After drying and waxing process take a bucket of water and a scouring pad or lint-free rag. You need a nice and wet cloth but not too much wet. Use the wet rag cloth to gently rub across the wood furniture in a back & forth motion.
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