How To Dismantle A Sofa Recliner: Steps To Disassemble Leather Recliner

General Overview

Dismantling the recliner sofa is easy as the various types of reclines come with the different types of de-assembling features like removable seat backs, bolt bars, etc. With parts de-assembled it becomes convenient to carry the recliner from one pace to another. It must be taken into account that before dismantling the electric sofa it must be plugged off to keep the recliner protected against the accidental electrocution, or the burns.

Easy Steps To De- Assemble The Leather Sofa Recliner

Easy steps to de-assemble the leather recliner sofa are mentioned below:
  1. Locking Levers: The first step is to release the locking levers from the recliner. To do this the recliner needs to be lifted upwards to access the detachable back panel in order to reach the inner frame.
  2. Velcro Strips: Check for the Velcro strips inside the inner frame that is used to keep the recliner attached to the fabric base. Once done lift the upholstered panel up.
  3. Re-Check The Locking Levers: The locking levers can be located at each side of the recliner seats.
  4. Metal Lever: Locate the metal lever at the top of the arm of the seat on both sides of the sofa body in a downward direction.
  5. Check Rear Seams: Checking for the locking levers with the hand is only recommended if the recliner is not featured with the detachable strips.
  6. Lift Locking Levers: To release the seat backs just release the locking levers with the help of a flat head screwdriver. The lever can also be released using the fingertip.
  7. Take Out The Frame: Once the levers are released place the recliner in the original position and take the back frame out of it.

Dis-Assembly With Bolt Bars

1.Turn: The sofa needs to be turned in an upward direction in order to check the bolt bars.
2.Unscrew: The bolts need to be unscrewed with the help of the drill.
3.Remove The Last Bar: Once the last bolt bar is removed the recliner will get freely de-attached.
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