How To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa: Steps

What Are The Steps To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa?

The steps to Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa are mentioned below:
  1. Model's Instruction: The customer should Ask for the model's instruction booklet at the store while purchasing the La-Z-Boy couch.
  2. Measure The Doorway: It is advisable to Measure the doorway that needs to clear before taking apart couch or sofa and also measure the couch.
  3. Remove All Loose Cushions: All La-Z-Boy Recliner sofa with motion seats have an inbuilt two levers which are located on the back of each couch section in the bottom corner.
  4. Pull Up The Levers: In order to lift the section of the brackets pull the leavers and then slide it off the Sofa. Each seat slides has its own set of brackets, the seat back can be lifted by pulling these brackets.
  5. Remove The Feet: The feet are screwed or bolted and can be easily removed with a screwdriver.
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