How To Decoupage Furniture With Fabric: Steps And Item Needed

Steps & Item Needed To Decoupage Furniture

Here are the steps & items needed to decoupage the furniture:

Items Needed

  • Fabric.
  • Matte Mod Podge.
  • Spray Paint
  • Exacto Knife
  • Foam Paint Brush.


  1. Spray Paint: If the user want to spray paint to the legs of the chair then do it before assembling it.
  2. Fabric: Now lay the fabric but make sure to lay it on a flat surface then place the seat of the chair on top of the fabric and trace the perimeter about one inch beyond the wood chair surface then cut your fabric out.
  3. Coat: Next, Seat surface needs to be coated with mod podge before laying your fabric on top and smooth out any bubbles/wrinkles. When the fabric is in the right place, coat the top of the fabric with Mod Podge ( all in one glue).
  4. Dry: Now let the fabric dry for a whole night before proceeding to the next steps. Give enough time to dry otherwise the fabric will not remain in perfect position.
  5. Trim: After your fabric dries completely it will feel nice and stiff around the edges of the wood chair. Now you are ready to trim off any excess fabric with a utility knife or with a sharp knife. Use the edge of the chair as the guide and cut off the fabric as close to the edge of the wood chair as possible.
  6. Remaining Threads: Now cut any remaining threads then coat the whole perimeter of your fabric with mod podge glue.
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