How To Decorate A Headboard: 8 Easy Steps To Decorate

Before going directly to the decoration process of the headboard, you must know, what actually the headboard is. The headboard is basically that piece of furniture that is connected to the head portion of the bed. Headboard serves the purpose that it shields the user from cold and that is the reason it is usually made of wood instead of stone or brick as wood is less thermally conductive.

8 Easy Steps To Decorate A Headboard

Your old, scratched or missing headboard will be the eyesore in your bedroom. The headboard is the centerpiece of the bed. You can easily decorate the headboard by painting it or using fabric. If you want to decorate your headboard then you are in the right place because we will tell you how to decorate your headboard without wasting your precious time. You just need to follow all the given steps carefully to decorate it. Here are the steps mentioned below:
  1. Clean: First of all, you need to clean your headboard in order to remove dust & dirt. You need to use a microfiber cloth with soapy water to wipe down your headboard and get it ready for the sanding process. This is specifically meaningful if it was in a dirty or dusty area such as basement, attic, or storage space.
  2. Sand: Now sand by using the sandpaper(medium grit) to remove any glossy surface. In order to give paint & primer a foundation to "stick" to, you will remove any of your previous coating on your headboard. Sand only until the surface of your headboard looks dull.
  3. Apply Primer: Apply primer to formulate your wood & then remove the discoloration. Primer removes most discoloration in your headboard & gives a blank canvas to work on, which results in vibrant colors. Apply a coat of the primer like you apply the regular paint, be sure that the entire surface of your headboard is covered.
  4. Sand Lightly: Sand softly with the help of a sandpaper(fine grit) to get the even finish. Go over the surface of your headboard with the sandpaper by using long & gentle strokes. Now change to finer grit sandpaper because this will remove bumps & inadequacy in the primer and will give you a smooth surface to paint later.
  5. Paint: Paint your headboard and for painting process use paintbrush to reach to tighter place on your headboards, like scrollwork or edges. Then, apply an even coat to the larger areas with the help of a roller. Willingly, use furniture spray paint to get the quick results.
  6. Sand Again: Now sand with the fine-grit sandpaper and apply a 2nd coat. Sanding betwixt coats gives an even finish & will make the headboard look more professionally painted. Apply your second coat just like you do with the first one, by using a brush and then use a roller.
  7. Dry: Allow your applied paint to dry for 24 hours, the paint will take up to 24 hours to dry wholly in a cool, dry area. If you are painting in a warm area or in a humid area then you will wait for a few extra hours.
  8. Seal: Now you need to seal your headboard with furniture wax or with polyurethane. If you want some glossy finish then use a polyurethane seal, or you can also try the furniture wax seal to appear your color richer. No matter which type of seal you will choose you need to apply it with a roller or with a brush directly onto your headboard.
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