How To Decorate A Door With Paper: Step By Step Procedure Of Decorating A Door With Paper

Step By Step Procedure Of Decorating A Door With Paper

By decorating the door using the self-adhesive or the contact paper, can make the door look attractive and beautiful one of a kind, in order to decorate a door with paper, go through the step by step procedure mentioned below:

Choose The Favorite Contact Paper Design

The best thing about the self-adhesive or the contact paper is that it is available in a variety of designs and also can be found easily at any craft store. Matte, gloss, as well as the vinyl, are the most reasonably priced ones, while the marble, as well as granite paper, is on the expensive side.

Measure Out The Area Of The Door To Be Decorated

Only measure the area where the user wants the paper to cover the door. Take a ruler or a measuring tape and make sure to measure the area as correctly as possible. This will help to give the finished product a clean look. The self-adhesive paper works much better when used from the inside doors. The user can use this on the doors that are outside only if it is protected from the elements.

Mark The Measurements At The Back & Cut It

Now after the measurements are done, then mark the measurements on the back of the contact paper and then cut it out. It is highly advisable to transfer the measurements as correct as possible. Also, make sure to mark down the back of the paper so there will no visible marks once it is placed on the door. Most of the self-adhesive papers have the grids on the back. If the paper does have a grid, then try to stay as close as possible to the grid lines for making a straight cut.

Clean The Surface Of The Door

Clean out all the surface of the door with the help of an all-purpose cleaner. If using a self-adhesive paper, then it is just that the surface of the door must be cleaned properly. Use the all-purpose cleaner to remove any grime, dirt, or dust from the door. Finish up the cleaning job with the help of rubbing alcohol due to the fact that this will help remove all the oily residue.

Peel Off The Paper Back

Now peel off the back of the paper if using a self-adhesive design. Start from one corner of the paper while peeling. The user can also remove the entire back covering to expose the adhesive.

Apply Adhesive On The Wall

Now apply the adhesive on the wall as well as also smooth top to bottom with the help of hands. The self-adhesive paper tends to get the air bubbles under the surface. The user can use the hands or the side of a credit card for smoothing it out. Apply the light pressure while moving the card over the paper starting from top to bottom and then push the bubbles to the edges.

Double-sided Craft Tape

Use the double-sided craft tape for securing the contact paper to the door. If the user selects a paper that is not self-adhesive, that time the double-sided craft tape will hold it tightly in place. Simply position a piece of tape on each corner of the paper.
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