How To Decorate A Dining Table: Simple Tips & Tricks

Simple Tips And Tricks To Decorate A Dining Table

A dining table is known as the inviting space for friends as well as for the family. Besides that, it is a versatile space for other activities apart from dining. There is a number of simple tips as well as tricks that will help to make the dining table look great.

Leave The Dining Table Bare

The user does not need to place the plates or silverware on the table. It is important to make sure that there is enough space on the dining table for cooking, writing, reading, as well as for other daily activities. Simply use the wax or any other product having a glossy finish to keep the table shining and looking great.

Place A Tablecloth Or A Runner

In the case of the rectangular or the square table, simply use a runner and for the circular table, simply use a circular table cloth. Use a cloth or the runner that leaves most of the table bare. The user can go for a color that will complement the dining room chairs as well as the other decorations in the room. For instance, if the chairs have the blue cushions and the curtains are white, then choose a table runner that will include both blue and white.

Pick A Simple Centerpiece

Placing a centerpiece will help to give the dining table an interesting look and keeping it clean and empty. Choose the centerpiece size based on the size of the dining table, and then place it right on top of the table runner or the table cloth at the center.

Versatile Look

In order to get the versatile look simply create a centerpiece of glass jars. Fill them up half full of sand as well as place candles on the top. This will help to create a soft and glowing look to the dining table.

Vase Of Flowers In The Center Of The Table

In order to freshen up space simply place a vase. If the user is able to use the fresh flowers, then it is important to make sure to change them once every couple of weeks. However, the fake flowers do not require as much upkeep.

Decorative Items

For holding the decorative items simply keep a bowl or the basket in the center. It is advisable to use the material and the size of the basket or the bowl that will complement the size as well as the texture of the dining table.

Place A Centerpiece That Fits The Table’s Space

Try to have the tallest as well as the largest part of the centerpiece right in the center of the dining table and the other smaller pieces on the sides. When using multiple candles or the flower vases, the trick is to use the odd numbers because they look more pleasing.

Decoration Items

All around the centerpiece keep some decoration items as this will give an eclectic style. If the large centerpiece is not enough to satisfy the decoration needs, then simply place smaller items between the larger pieces.


Use the placemats which will complement the tablecloth. Simply put one placemat right in front of each chair. If the tablecloth already has the pattern, that time choose placemats that are solid in color.

Choose Plates And Silverware

For the casual dinner, simply choose a dinner plate, water glass, salad bowl, spoon, fork, and the knife, that are enough and for the formal occasions, add a salad fork, bread bowl, dessert fork.
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