How To Decorate A Bookshelf: Three Easy Ways To Decorate Bookshelf

Three Easy Ways To Decorate The Bookshelf

Decorating the bookshelves is not an easy task as the users need to have the exact idea and great taste regarding the decorating stuff. Decorating the bookshelves is the perfect combination of the science and the art as the users need to think about its looks as well as its functions. There are many beautiful ways by which the users can easily decorate any bookshelf at home and some among them are described as follows:

Way I- Getting The Idea Regarding What To Place On The Bookshelf

  • Placing The Books: First and the easy tip is to place the books over the bookshelf. Books always look great whether they are old, fresh new, small, large, paper-backed or the hardcovered. The users need to make sure that if somehow they are using a large number of the books so as to make them look different they need to place some books vertically and some books horizontally in order to offer the visual interest to the room and to the users as well.
  • Placing The Artwork: The bookshelves can be the ideal place to display any art piece like the paintings or the wall frames. The users can place them in front of the books or at the shelf back as it will completely depend upon the size of the paintings. The large paintings need to be placed at the back and the small paintings in front of the bookshelves.
  • Placing The Photo Frames: The small-sized photo frames are ideal to be placed in front of the books in order to make the depth and to add the personal touch as well. The users need to keep this thing in mind that the photo frames look perfect when they are placed in between the height of the waist and the eye level as well. The users are advised not to place them very high or very low and they also need to avoid placing many photo frames at one place as it will make the bookshelf look messy and unarranged.
  • Placing The Baskets: The baskets are a great option as they can fill up a lot of the space of the bookshelves and the user can place a lot of things inside it. As per the rule, the baskets look ideal when they are placed at the base of the shelving units.
  • Placing The Decorative Boxes: The designers also use the decorative boxes to fill up the empty spaces as the decorative boxes usually come in many different size dimensions and the color finishes. The users can also place them at the top of the bookshelf where it can create appealing looks.
  • Placing The Plant Pots: The users can make their bookshelves look alive and fresh by placing the small plant pots in front of the books or the frames. The plants of any shape color and the size can add the beauty to the bookshelves.

Way II- Getting The Idea Regarding The Bookshelf Styling

  • Composition: The composition refers to the style that whatever is placed on the bookshelves but the main part is that they need to relate each other by the way of its style, color, or the theme as well. The users need to remember that placing many items over the bookshelves needs to be placed in a way that it should be considered as a single unit.
  • Layering: The displays need not be placed in the one dimension as they require few items to be placed in front of it. The users need to place the tallest object at the back and the smaller ones in the front. This means that placing a few art pieces or any other objects in front of the books is enough to catch the eyes of humans.
  • Scale And The Size: It is important to balance up different things while decorating the bookshelves. The users are advised not to place any large item over the shelves that can cover up the entire surface nor they need to place any tiny item that can leave up enough space. The users need to place differently styled and shaped items so that they can relate to one another.
  • Contrast: The contrast is important in decorating any item as when the same type of items are placed they look dull and become flat but when a contrasting thing is placed it can create the perfect look. If the users have placed the square-shaped boxes over the shelves they need to place around shaped items in order to make a contrasting look. If the users have to place any leather-covered books over the shelves they need to add an ornamental item that is made up of the metal or the glass.

Way III- Embellishing The Bookshelf

  • Wallpaper: The wallpaper is a simple and easy way to add life to the inner areas of the bookshelf as it adds color and the pattern accordingly. The easy way of installing the wallpapers is to trim the pieces of the foam and then affix it to the inner areas of the shelves and then attach the wallpaper over the foam by using the glue. Once the users affixed the wallpaper they need to place the contrasting items in front of the bookshelves.
  • Paint: The users can completely overhaul their bookshelves by applying the paint over the entire surface of the bookshelves. The user can also add some paint textures to the surface of the bookshelves so as to make it look more elegant and colorful.
  • Decoupage: The bookshelf can be made more beautiful by decoupaging the paper into the case goods. The users need to use their imagination power and use any wrapping paper, wallpaper sections or the map portions to make the bookshelves look different yet amazing but the users need to make sure to use those items that will enhance the beauty of the room respectively.
  • Nailhead Trim: The users can also apply the nailhead trim to the edges of the bookshelves to make it look extraordinary. In earlier days the nailhead trim was used to decorate the furnishing and the upholstery items but nowadays it is also used to decorate the doors, cabinets, wardrobes and the bookshelves as well.
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