How To Decorate A Bed Without Headboard: Easy Steps To Design A Bed

Steps To Decorate/Design A Bed Without Headboard

In order to create a warm inviting bedroom, no need to install a headboard you can create it with little creativity. Even you can make it beautiful and affordable. Without a headboard, the bed is looking beautiful and ready, save your money by not installing the headboard. You can hang something else that makes your bed a new focal point. Here are the steps to decorate or design your bedroom without headboard:
  1. Wall Tapestry: You can use a curtain rod or some couple of tracks to hang a pretty wall tapestry. This will create a new look of a headboard even you can also add color and texture to it. This will add a punchy graphic element to your room and your room will look perfect.
  2. Vintage Windows Frames: If you have a farmhouse, you can install vintage look window frames. These are easily available at thrift stores, antique stores or at a salvaged building supply. These are the arrangement of 4 that reaches to the ceiling and makes a boring bedroom look good.
  3. Large Mirror: You can simply install a large mirror above the bed, even the round shape mirror works nicely and gives a good contrast to the rectangular-shaped bed. Mirrors also create extra light by reflecting the lights that come from windows or nearby bright spaces in your room.
  4. Over-Sized Art: If you don't have enough space in your room, even you don't have space for a headboard but you still want to replace your wall with something else, then the artwork is a great solution. You can easily hang a large piece of the frame of the artwork above the bed for a more stylish look, you should keep the pillows against the wall, it helps to create the illusion of a headboard and the above artwork creates a main focal point. You can choose the artworks of different things such as a beach scene or abstract and space gives you a soothing scene and will be perfect for a relaxing bedroom.
  5. Shelves: You can also use long shelves, as long shelves provide you a place for your accessories or the artwork. You can also mount some sconce lamps. If you are an indecisive decorator then shelves are a great option for you. You can install an endless amount of arrangement in your room and can easily switch them up whenever you think that you are bored.
  6. Fabric: You can use a poster over the bed of your choice but if you want to create something more romantic. So now you have to visit a fabric store and buy 12 yards of fabric of your choice. Now cut it into 4 equal dimensional pieces and then you have to take one end of each fabric but should be of the same length. Now you need to staple them to the center of the ceiling, above the middle of the bed. Now you can easily attach a large hook or a ring above each corner of the bed. You have to drape the fabric strips towards the ring. Simply you need to slip a strip through the ring and let the fabric hang. This is an easy and stylish solution to create a beautiful look over the bed and replacing the headboard.
  7. Family Picture's: There are also so many other ways to decorate your bedroom without installing the headboard but it depends on the size of the room and the dimension of your bed. It is very easy, you can hang the family pictures and different frames above the bed or you can install something more spectacular and some sophisticated curtain and even you can make it more beautiful with the help of other decorative items.
  8. Sheercanopy: If you want to create another solution for your bedroom then sheer canopy, is the best solution above the bed but for this thing, you need long, sheer curtains of your choice, favorite color and should have an embroidery hoop and some fishing line
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