How To Cut Through An Aluminum Door: Step By Step Process Of Cutting An Aluminum Door

Step By Step Process Of Cutting An Aluminum Door

A jigsaw is regarded as one of the best cutting tools for the aluminum door. The best thing about the jigsaw is that it makes the straight cuts into the variety of the thicknesses. The important factor of using a jigsaw to cut through the aluminum properly is the type of blade that is used, a special kind of the metal cutting blade is needed to make smooth as well as the accurate cuts. In order to cut an aluminum door, the user needs to go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully:
  1. The first step is to attach a metal cutting blade in a jigsaw. Use a 24-toothed blade for the purpose of cutting the aluminum door, it is important to remember that more the teeth on the blade, the accurate the cut will be.
  2. Make the precise marks for the cutting on the door. Take a marker as well as a straightedge for making straight lines, or simply use a pattern and the marker for making curves and the angles. The more the precise markings are done, the fine the finished cut will be.
  3. Before starting the process, pour a few drops of the cutting oil at the cut point. Now jigsaw will cut the marked lines & drop cutting oil all along with the line. The oil will help the blade to remain cool and also will extend its life while acting as a lubricant that is needed for easier cutting. Wear a pair of safety gloves as well as safety glasses.
  4. Place the jigsaw exactly at the spot where the cut will start. Keep the blade about 1/2 inch away from the door. Place the base plate of the saw flat on the aluminum door surface.
  5. Finally, to activate the blade carefully, pull the trigger on the jigsaw. Slowly move the blade on the metal and also push gently as well as firmly. Allow the blade to make the cutting while following the line. It is advisable not to force the blade through the metal as it can possibly break.
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