How To Cut Plastic Tablecloth: Step By Step Instructions Of Cutting Plastic Tablecloth

Step By Step Instructions Of Cutting Plastic Tablecloth

The users can easily shorten the tablecloth simply by creating a hem to the personalized dimensions. Apply a strip of a fusible web tape in order to fasten a hem to the lower side of the tablecloth. Any fabric store or craft shop commonly supplies iron-on web tape sold in the packages or also by the roll. If you prefer a temporary hem, then you should insert badges in order to hem up the extra fabric without cutting process. The adorning pins like tiny costume jewels can easily underline the tablecloth with a defined border and also integrate the occasion. Here are some of the easy steps to cut plastic tablecloth:
  1. First of all, you need to trim & finish 1 or 2 cut edges of your tablecloth in order to shorten & balance it. Here is an example, trim the extra fabric to leave the finished length and plus 1 inch for the hemming process. For the no-sew method, simply fold under your cut edge by 1/2 inch, now press this fold, and then you need to fold it again by 1/2 inch and then tuck in a strip of iron-on fusible web tape. You need to apply a press cloth & then iron to bond this tape to the double hem.
  2. You need to hem your tablecloth temporarily without cutting your fabric. Now center your tablecloth on your table and then fold under your extra fabric. Simply attach the binder clips under your fabric for securing the hidden & excess fabric to the rest of your tablecloth. An office supply store normally stocks all these binder clips. In order to make a pinch pleat effect, secure your fabric & folds on the underside of your cloth at ordinary intervals. Now you need to press your new folded edges in order to improve the hang of your vertical drop. Remember to remove all these clips before laundering.
  3. Finally, you need to create a decorative border with the extra fabric by simply folding the edges under and also securing with the help of a decorative pin inserted from your tablecloth face. Insert the pins at even intermission near the perimeter of your tablecloth for a more equitable effect. Press your folded edges for a crisp look, but avert pressing all the pins. Remove all the pins before laundering.


  • You need to unplug your iron before you step away from your ironing board.
  • You need to remember that keep your children and small animals away from your iron. Also, hide the unused web tape out of reach to avert strangulation.
  • If any small children are in your home then never use the small pins method.


  • You need to sit on a chair at your table to decide how far your tablecloth should hang over the edge. For example, a drop can also extend down to your lap or closer to your floor. A standard drop is near about 10 to 12 inches.
  • You need to be good at folding & bonding the hem with the help of scrap fabric in order to test your right temperature setting to set your fusible web tape.
  • If your tablecloth includes a border that goes around your inside perimeter then you need to try drawing the new dimensions so the opposite edges of your tablecloth will now look symmetrical.
  • Some web tapes come with an attached paper liner. You need to remove this liner according to the manufacturer’s guidance.
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