How To Cut Laminate Flooring Already Installed: Easy Process Of Cutting Already Installed Laminate Flooring

Easy Process Of Cutting Already Installed Laminate Flooring

It is highly possible that you will come across a situation where you will need to cut laminate flooring after you have installed it. If you are looking for and desire a diagonal transition betwixt the laminate flooring and another flooring type, then laminate flooring will have to cover the subfloor through the desired cut line in order for the transition to look good. This, in turn, may produce a small amount of extra material waste, so the better option is to have extra laminate flooring on hand in order to make up the difference. Cutting an already installed laminate flooring is an easy task, provided you have the correct setup and tools, and it looks good when completed. In order to cut laminate flooring that is already installed, then you need to go through the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. Mark The Laminate Flooring: First of all, mark the laminate flooring across the desired cut line with the help of a chalk line. If in case a level is operated as a straight edge, then you can also use a pencil or a permanent marker when it comes to marking a laminate flooring.
  2. Set Cut Depth On A Circular Saw: Now, set the cut depth on a circular saw to 1/32-inch deeper in comparison to the thickness of the laminate flooring layer. This will make sure that the saw does not cut into the subflooring. The foam underlayment will be cut, but there is no need to worry about it.
  3. Align The Circular Saw Blade With The Chalk Line: Wear a pair of safety glasses before lining up the circular saw blade in a straight line with the chalk line on the flooring. Lift the blade guard out of the way, before turning the saw on and allowing the blade to spin up to its full speed.
  4. Plunge The Saw Blade Into The Laminate Floor: Push or drive the saw blade into the laminate flooring. Let go of the blade guard before allowing it to snap into place. Cut through the chalk line starting at one end of the line and ending at the other end of the line.
  5. Turn The Circular Saw Off: Turn the circular saw off before allowing the blade to entirely stop and then remove it from the cut channel. Pulling out the blade from the cut channel while it is still spinning may result in the blade to bind into the laminate flooring as well as damage the flooring.
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