How To Cut Foam Mattress: 4 Easy Steps

Steps To Cut Foam Mattress

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily cut the Foam Mattress:
  1. Place The Mattress: The customers need to start by placing the large sized cardboard pieces on a flat surface where the customers are going to work for this procedure and then they need to place the foam mattress on the top of the cardboard pieces respectively.
  2. Trace The Exact Measurements: The customers then need to trace the lines on their Foam Mattress as per the calculated measurements and then they need to Use the dark marker pen in order to mark the dots in every 18 or the 24 inch spaces on the foam mattress where the customers have planned to trim the Foam Mattress. If in case the customers have made the curved lines on the foam mattress then they need to make the cardboard template and place it over the top surface of the foam mattress and mark the dots accordingly.
  3. Use The Electric Knife: The customers then need to use the electric knife to trim the Foam Mattress. They need to trim in the straight directions along the marked lines.
  4. Trim The Short Edges: The customers finally need to trim the smaller pieces of the foam mattress by using the sharp-edged scissors.
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