How To Cut Fiberglass Panels: Easy Step By Step Process Of Cutting Fiberglass Panels

Easy Step By Step Process Of Cutting Fiberglass Panels

Fiberglass panels, also known as Fiberglass corrugated roofing panels, are one of the best panels that permit diffused light to enter a structure & at the same time provide a strong but thin & light covering for your outbuilding. The corrugation of the panels bring forth increased strength over flat sheets. When it comes to cutting fiberglass panels, you will need tools that have the ability to cut at higher speeds without cracking or breaking the edges of the panels into small sharp fragments. Both hand, as well as power saws that are usually used to cut wood, will be cut across a fiberglass roofing panel using the correct blade. In order to cut the fiberglass panels, you can go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully:
  • First of all, put, lay, or stand a length of fiberglass corrugated panel on a firmly fixed or secured worktable. Pull a tape measure through the panel and allocate or assign a mark on the panel with the help of a pencil where you need to cut it. Allocate or assign a sufficient amount of marks in order to make a reference line across the panel.
  • Now, take hold of the fiberglass roofing panel loosely using one hand in order to keep it firmly fixed or secured during the cut.
  • After that, place or arrange the plywood blade of a circular saw in a straight line using a pencil mark located near one edge of the panel. Pull out or extract the trigger of the saw to start it. Push the saw at a slow speed toward the edge of the panel in order to start the cut. Push the saw at a slow speed across the panel. Let the panel bounce while you cut to prevent cracking the fiberglass.
  • Next, improve or intensify the speed you are pushing the circular saw when you are nearing the end of the cut. Put, lay, or stand the cut piece aside.
  • Finally, pull a utility knife through the cut edge in order to get rid of the cutting burr from the fiberglass roof panel.

Easy Ways Of Cutting Fiberglass Panels

Cutting fiberglass panels is an easy task, however, preventing them from breaking, chipping, or throwing unfavorable fibers is a difficult task. Entirely dependent on your tools at hand, some of the fiberglass-cutting methods may give you better & safer results. Some of the methods are mentioned below when it comes to cutting fiberglass panels & see which cutting tool will work best for you. Before you use any of the cutting methods, safeguard your skin, eyes, as well as clothing from the slivers and sharp particles of fiberglass that have the possibility to fly off the blades. It is better to wear tough leather gloves, old clothes, a filter mask, as well as a plastic face mask. The best place to perform this task is in a workshop, garage, or another place where there will be no one to walk in, and where you can clean off the fiberglass residue as well as dust.
  • Router: If you are looking to use a router when it comes to cutting your fiberglass panels, then it is better to use a blade having a fine edge that will make clean as well as smooth edge cuts. One of the only drawbacks of using a router is that it leaves sharp edges and brings into existence fiberglass dust that’s dangerous to inhale.
  • Fiberglass Power Trimmer: A trimmer is a thin, light, and powerful tool that can easily cut through hard fiberglasses, including that used in the paneling. And also, you can opt between 3-, 4-, and 5-inch trimmers.
  • Jigsaw: Another tool that you can use to cut fiberglass panels is a jigsaw having a blade made for cutting metal. Fiberglass is solid, firm, and rigid which will quickly make any wood-cutting blade dull. The jigsaw will work better in comparison to some other saws if in case you need to saw curves in the panel.
  • Circular Saw: Circular saw is usually referred to as a "skill saw," which works exceptionally well if you are cutting a straight line, and if you are using a blade having fine teeth. For a better cut, use a clamp in order to take hold of the panel in place.
  • Hacksaw: A hacksaw, due to its fine blade, will also work best when it comes to cutting fiberglass panels. However, it will need more work and will take a longer in order to cut through the panel. When it comes to making a long cut, you will in all likelihood want to use other types of saws.
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