How To Cut Down A Louvered Door: Easy Step By Step Way Of Cutting A Louvered Door

Easy Step By Step Way Of Cutting A Louvered Door

The users can cut as well as replace the louvered door, if they want to do so. There are a number of easy ways that are used to cut the louvered doors. In order to cut down a louvered door, the users need to go through the easy step by step way mentioned below and achieve the desired result:
  1. To start the process, the first step is to remove the old louver from its louver assembly. Also carefully pull or unscrew the small bushings that are on both ends, with the help of fingers. Measure down the louver for the length and then note it down.
  2. Once the above-mentioned step is done then position the stick on a flat worktable in a way so that the one edge will overhang the edge of the worktable. Hold down the louver door with the help of one hand while rounding the edge with the help of the tip of the rotary tool sanding accessory, or it can also be sanded using the hand with the 100-grit sandpaper.
  3. Give it a fair amount of the sanding parallel to the edge to make it round. To match the same degree of the radius the user can use the old louver. Blend as well as smooth the edge until it will become properly consistent with the old louver. Do this process for all four corners. Position the louver on the miter saw. Using the measurement that is done, to cut the louver to the needed length as per the measurement.
  4. Now tap the old bushings on the new louver using a hammer, or screw it with the fingers, it depends on what type they are. Now sand the louver door sightly with the help of the rotary tool as well as with the sanding accessories or with a sanding block for smoothing all the rough grain.
  5. Finally, finish the work with stain and the lacquer, or simply paint the louver so that it will match all the assembly before installing it again.

Useful Tips

  • The user must use the straightest wood they can find to make the louver and this is because any deviations will make the louver very hard to use.
  • To get the best results simply center the bushings on both ends of the louver.
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