How To Cut Door Hinges With A Dremel: Easy Process Of Cutting Out Door Hinges Using A Dremel

Easy Process Of Cutting Out Door Hinges Using A Dremel

The hinges are regarded as one of the most critical aspects to take into consideration when it comes to installing a door. In order to properly & accurately install the door, it is important to first cut away the hinges. If you don’t, then it is possible that your simple project will become a difficult task. The Dremel is a multi-faceted & versatile handheld power tool used by both experts as well as amateurs. The Dremel switches into a surface router with the plunge router attachment, which can help you manage the detail of many modest jobs. Using the Dremel in order to install door hinges is considered one of the quickest as well as most precise processes. You will just need some basic knowledge of the tools as well as the processes if you are looking to install the door on your own.

Step 1: Mark The Points On Door For Hinges

In order to locate the hinges on the door, first of all, make a mark on it. Position the door on its side, facing upward, making sure that the hinged side faces up. With the help of a tape measure, you need to calculate or compute the distance from the top of the door to the pencil mark. Keeping the set square in line with your mark, you need to create a straight line upright or vertical to the spine of the door. Using the set square as well as a pencil, calculate or compute from the bottom of the door to the spine and draw a straight line vertical to it. The smaller panels will indicate the top of the door if you are installing a panel door.

Step 2: Use A Utility Knife To Trace Outline On Wood

Make the necessary preparations when it comes to routing the wood. Position one of the hinges on the door’s spine in order to make sure that the upper end is parallel to the pencil line. You need to fold the hinge over the door’s edge, which will act as an axis for opening. Trace the three-sided outline of the hinge into the wood with the help of your utility knife while taking hold of it firmly in place. Maintain close proximity betwixt the blade and the hinge. Apply hard pressure to the blade in 3 passes before making an outline for the other hinge by repeating the method.

Step 3: Prepare Your Dremel For Routing

Now, it is time to keep the Dremel ready before you start routing. Place, fit, or push the Dremel router bit into the spindle of the Dremel. Use a Dremel wrench in order to tighten the spindle. Link or tie up the Dremel to the plunge router body. Utilizing the tape measure, you need to establish or ascertain the width of the hinges you will be using. Loosen the knob that regulates the router bit’s height as long as the bit’s cutting depth is the same as the width of your hinges.

Step 4: Use Dremel For Routing

With the Dremel, you need to route the housings of the hinges. Position the body of the plunge router on top of the hinge. Plunge the plunging body into the hinge area using the Dremel as long as the bit is fully inserted. Make sure to remain as close to the pencil outline as possible during routing. Get rid of all of the wood within the outline. Turn off the router before using a compressed air hose in order to blast any dust or wood chips. You can look over the fit with the metal hinge. Stop routing as soon as the hinge is flush and secure in the hole. Carry on in the same way with the other hinge.

Step 5: Screw The Hinges

Fix the hinges before you use the electric screwdriver as well as the screws that come with the hinge set in order to fasten or secure the hinges into their housings. To keep the hinge square, make sure to tighten the middle screw first. With a router attachment, you can quickly install door hinges with the help of a Dremel machine. The Dremel can be converted into a surface router using the router attachment. This can be used to manage the speed as well as the precision of various minor activities. Mounting door hinges is extremely easy using a Dremel.
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