How To Create A Foyer In An Open Living Room: Easy Ways Of Creating A Foyer In An Open Living Room

Easy Ways Of Creating A Foyer In An Open Living Room

If you have a home that directly or instantly opens into your living room, then it is possible that you might have caught yourself indulging in daydreaming about having a warm, inviting foyer where you can welcome guests, sit down as well as take off your shoes, and show off your bags and coats. However, the good news is that you can easily create a cozy foyer in your living room. Some of the best ways are mentioned-below when it comes to creating a foyer in an open living room. Go through all of these ways carefully and create the desired foyer:

Way 1: Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture

  • In order to create a foyer space, you need to create two distinct rooms, which can be done by moving your living room furniture. To create a defined foyer space, move you couch in such a way that it is perpendicular to as well as facing away from the door. This, in turn, will give you an open walkway as soon as you open the door that is perfect for placing foyer furniture. In your living room area, place an area rug and coffee table, on the opposite side of the couch, in order to make it feel separate from your entryway's space. You can also use your chairs, side tables, plants, and other décor in order to create angles that will attract your attention into the living room and further define the space.

Way 2: Put Down A Rug

  • An area rug or runner will help in defining your foyer. This is considered one of the easiest ways when it comes to creating a foyer, due to the fact that rugs easily anchor a room, regardless of how big or small your space is. You simply need to place a modern, traditional, or funky rug, that matches your living room colors & style, in front of your door for an inviting touch. However, it is important to measure your foyer space in order to make sure that you select a rug that fits your area.

Way 3: Add A Console Table

  • A gracefully thin and slender console table will also help in creating a simple entryway. The console table is considered one of the most popular furniture options when it comes to your entryway, therefore, adding it in your home will easily define your space. Place your console in opposition to the wall beside your door or behind your couch when it comes to easy access as you head out the door. The console table doubles as a place in order to store your keys and mail while also illustrating your personal style with plants, photos, or fun trinkets.

Way 4: Use Wall Hooks

  • You can also hang your coats, keys, as well as bags on a wall rack when it comes to creating a foyer space. A wall rack with hooks is the perfect piece in order to organize as well as store the items you need when you walk out the door. Hang your hooks right by your front door, ensuring you have enough hooks for each member of your household and a guests. Wall hooks are considered a great piece when it comes to pairing with a console, bench, shoe rack, or shelf.

Way 5: Get A Hall Tree

  • A hall tree is a general solution when it comes to creating a defined entryway. The hall tree usually combines and puts together all of the pieces linked with a foyer-hooks for coats as well as bags, a bench for taking off your shoes, & a shoe rack for storage–into one furniture piece, which in turn will help choose foyer furniture easily. This piece is great to display against a wall or tuck neatly into the corner where the wall as well as the front door meet.

Way 6: Hang A Mirror

  • You can invest in beautiful or very attractive large mirror, due to the reason that you already have the height in your entryway space. When it comes to your 2 story foyer having large glass windows above or beside the entrance door, then using a large mirror is the best option. A mirror is considered a great way when it comes to bouncing natural light around your entrance hall. To do this, you need to purchase a few large mirrors before hanging them strategically in order to allow the natural light to flow freely to your living room and also through to your kitchen. This is more easily achieved when it comes to an open plan home, due to the fact that doorways will not be able to block the light from lightening up the other rooms.

Way 7: Add A Room Divider

  • A room divider is a simple way when it comes to section off your foyer. Dividing your room using curtains or adding a glass or paneled room divider next to your front door clearly sets apart your entryway and living room. Choose a divider that compliments the color as well as the style or your other foyer and living room furniture.

Way 8: Add A Light Fixture

  • A statement light fixture will also help in defining your foyer. Install a hanging light in a style that usually suits you and your furniture, such as a fancy chandelier or a modern piece, to a small degree, above your front door. If you don’t have an outlet for a hanging light, then you can put up wall sconces beside your front door, or on either side of your console table or bench.

Way 9: Make A Gallery Wall

  • You can also create a gallery in one wall space where you can display all your family photos or other interesting wall art. Creating a gallery wall will add personality as well as warmth to your 2 story foyer. Gallery wall will attract your guests and will give them a good impression as soon as they enter your house. This will make this large entrance to your home seem more cozy. Gallery wall will create a welcoming entryway for your guests. However, in order to make gallery wall look more beautiful and attractive, it is important to prevent it from looking too cluttered, and therefore, you should invest in a selection of matching or coordinating frames. You can add your family photos as well as travel snaps that are professionally printed by high quality photo studio. You can also add the wainscoting panels, which will provide an extra visual element to the high walls, which in turn helps to break it up.

Way 10: Create A Statement Wall

  • Make your foyer separate by painting or adding wallpaper to the walls. Choose the wall where you placed your console table, bench, hooks, or shelf, typically the wall beside your front door. Paint it a bold as well as bright color in order to clearly distinguish your foyer from the living room, or select a fun printed wallpaper. When selecting a paint color or wallpaper pattern, make sure it works cohesively with the colors as well as the style of your living room.
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