How To Cover Open Shelves In Kitchen: Four Easy Ways Of Covering Open Shelves In Kitchen

Four Easy Ways Of Covering Open Shelves In Kitchen

The open shelves usually make it very easy to find what the users need but it can be very tedious to organize and keep the content tidy. It can be very costly to cover up the open shelves with the door but this is not the only option. The users can cover up the shelves in so many ways like the blinds, fabric, metal sheets, lattice or the wire can efficiently cover up the shelves and will also add up the texture and the color to the kitchen area. Here are some of the easy ways by which the users can easily cover open shelves in the kitchen:

Way I: Using The Fabric

The users can easily soften up their decor by easily covering up the uncovered shelves by using the curtains or the fabric. Covering up the shelves with the fabric can give the users the different choices in the pattern, texture, and color terms and the users can easily detach the fabric or the curtain for the cleaning process or can easily switch it so as to attain the different look. The users can use the cafe rods so as to fasten the fabric or the curtains with the shelves so that it will be very easy to bind and unbind it. The users need to be assured that the curtains are of the double-width than the shelves so that they are very long and will fall perfectly. The users are advised to choose the colors like the gray, white, brown that will easily match up with the kitchen decor or will make the shelves as the central point by using the bright-toned fabric or curtain.

Way II: Using The Blinds

If in case the users are having the small shelves to cover then they are advised to use the blinds. They can use the wooden blinds like the bamboo that will add warmth and the texture in any area and they can use the Venetian blinds if they want to add the contemporary style to the kitchen area. The blinds can be fastened easily with the frame of the shelves and the users are advised to calculate the shelves opening so that the blind will be easily extended to the exterior shelf sides.

Way III: Using The Metal Sheeting

The users can easily add the twist by installing the metal sheets on their open shelves. They need to trim the metal so as to fit in with the open shelves and then sand down its corners so as to smooth out all the sharp corners. Then frame down the metal backside with the wood and then add the metal hinges to its one side. Then add up the handles to the metal front so as to make it as the focal point. The users are advised to seal down the metal in order to prevent it from rust and moisture.

Way IV: Using The Garden Materials

The garden consists of the few materials that can be used in the indoor area like the chicken wire stapled with the wooden frame that can add an interesting factor to the kitchen area. If the users do not want their items to appear visible that are placed within the shelves then they are advised to line up the wire by using the fabric or the paper. If the users do not like the wire appearance then they need to trim it so as to fit the shelves opening and then paint it down as per their choice and need.
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