How To Cover Couch Cushions Without Sewing: Steps To Recover Leather Sofa Cushions With Less Sewing

How To Recover Sofa Cushion With Less Sewing?

Recovering of the couch cushions is possible without sewing as well. This can be simple using a staple gun and screwdriver. The steps to recover the fabric sofa cushions are as follows:
1.Fabric: The first thing is to determine exact fiber that is required.
2.Measurement: Take the proper measurement and dimensions of the couch cushions in terms of the length and width using a measuring tape and note down the final measurements on a piece of the paper.
3.Couch Measurement: The proper measurements of the couch/chair must be taken to get the work done precisely.

Directions To Proceed Recovering

1.Remove Fabric: Take the current fabric Off from the cushions then only take a measurement.
2.Cut Fabric: Cut the fabric according to the measurement to sew the couch sides from top to bottom.
3.Sew: The sides and the bottom of the top fabric are required to be sewed and keep the back of the cover unstitched.
4.Re-insert: Reinsert the foam cushion and stitch the back with needle and matching thread.

What Is The Proper Way To Cover The Leather Couch?

Here are the ways to cover the leather sofa/couch without sewing:
1.Choose Fabric: Opt for the fabric required to make the no-sew cover.
2.Measurement: Lay down the fabric over the couch to take the proper measurements for cutting.
3.Cutting: The fabric needs to be cut for seat and back of the couch.
4.Remove Seat Cushions: Keep couch seats separate and tuck the fabric around the seat and sides.
5.Cover: Cover the couch with the fabric properly by tucking the edges into its crevices.
6.Velcro Strips: Use Velcro strips to secure the edges from beneath of the couch.
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