How To Cover Chairs With Vinyl: Brief Overview

How To Cover Chairs With Vinyl

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Cover their Chairs With Vinyl:
  1. Remove The Seat From The Frame: Firstly the customers need to lay the chair to the upside down in order to examine how the seat is placed in the frame. The Customers then need to detach the seat by separating all the screws and nuts from the frame by using the screwdriver.
  2. Remove The Old Fabric: Detach all the staples from the old fabric from the seat by using staple remover. Customers need to place the old fabric over the fresh vinyl fabric and trace all the size dimensions by using a fabric pen. They then need to Cut the new vinyl fabric as per the traced measurements by using a scissor.
  3. Trace the Measurements: The Customers need to place the vinyl fabric on to the piece of batting and then trim the new batting as per the exact measurements of the vinyl fabric.
  4. Place The Vinyl Fabric: The Customers then need to place the piece of batting on the seat of the chair and bend the batting to the edges of the chair and staple it by using a staple gun and follow the same procedure while placing the vinyl fabric.
  5. Trim All The Excess Fabric: The Customers then need to cut all the excess fabric by using a sharp scissor accordingly.
  6. Reattach The Seat To The Frame: The Customers at last need to assemble the chair back again by using the saved nuts and screws.
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