How To Cover A Couch With A Throw: Steps To Cover Sofa With A Throw

What Are The Steps To Cover A Sofa With A Throw?

The best way to hide the old couches is to over them with the throw covers. The throw covers are the most affordable way to maintain couches without getting new ones or spending money on reupholstering them. The steps To Cover A Sofa With A Throw are mentioned below:
  1. Remove Throw Pillows: Separate the throw pillows from the sofa and slipcover from the cushions if any.
  2. Unzip The Cover: Unzip the cover with the tag location that can be found beneath the hem or seam.
  3. Fit: Adjust the couch arms with cover arms. The back panel of the cover needs to be pulled over the backrest.
  4. Excess Fabric: Keep the excess fabric of the sofa arms and adjust creases using a wooden spoon. Readjust if needed.
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