How To Cover A Chair: 10 Easy Steps To Cover & Reupholster A Chair

10 Easy Steps To Cover & Reupholster A Chair

If you have a chair at home and in order to keep it up to date, you want to cover and reupholster your chair, you can do so easily, simply follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  1. First of all, you need to remove all the staples & fabric from your chair with needle-nose pliers. Try your best not to rip your fabric because it will use a pattern for your new fabric. Mark each piece of your material with location & direction such as write "back of your chair" on your fabric from the back of your chair and then put a "T" at the top of your piece and a "B" at the bottom of your piece.
  2. Replace your chair's batting & foam if they're in bad condition. Your chair commonly has 4 layers, layer of foam, batting and a top layer of fabric.
  3. Lay your new fabric down wrong-side up on the flat surface. Use the fabric you removed from your chair as your new pattern to cut out all the new pieces and add 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 cm) around the edges of your every piece.
  4. Now, you need to secure your new fabric to the base of your chair with the help of a staple gun. Line up your fabric for the top of your chair seat & then pull it taut. Now you need to stick some sewing pins along the edges to hold the material in place & then you need to use a staple gun to attach your new fabric to your chair around the bottom of the chair frame. Simply staple every 2 inches around the entire perimeter of your chair.
  5. Now, it's time to finish the underside of your chair by simply installing the dust cover because the dust cover will hide all the edges of your new fabric on the underside of your chair. Now cut out your dustcover and staple the material every one to two inches(2.5 to 5.1cm) around all it's sides.
  6. Sew your piping from all the edges of your chair's back. Use a 2" inches (5.1) wide swath of your new fabric & then fold it over your piping. Fold your fabric over the piping and then sew the edge of your piping with a straight stitch to enclose it.
  7. Pin your piping betwixt the pieces of your new fabric for the back of your chair. Lay down the piece of your fabric for the back of your chair so that the side of the pattern is now touching each other with the front-side fabric now sitting on the top. Now, fold back the top edge of your fabric & place your piping down along the edges and then replace the top piece of your new fabric and then pin along all the edges of your material.
  8. Now you need to sew the top back pieces together with a straight stitch. Now move your fabric near the sewing machine and then sew along the edges of your fabric to secure your piping in place.
  9. Next, staple your fabric for the back of your chair in place. Turn your seat-cover right side out & slide it over the top of the chair's back. Now position the piping, along the edges of your chair & then make any adjustments if required. Pull your new fabric taut & then secure it around the bottom of your back frame with the help of your staple gun.
  10. Finally, reassemble your chair if required and then secure any loose fabric. If you've detached the chair seat at beginning of the project, go ahead & screw it back in place. Check your chair for any loose pieces of fabric & secure them with another staple.
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