How To Cover A Chair Cushion: Step By Step Procedure

Step By Step Procedure To Cover A Chair Cushion

The cushion is usually a soft bag that is particularly made up of wool, hair, feathers, etc. Even pieces of paper are also used in order to make a cushion. Generally, you can use it to decorate your room with a different color of covers over it. Cushions are available in the market and are of different shapes and sizes. Commonly people like to buy square or rectangle shapes of cushions. Here is the step by step procedure in order to cover a chair cushion yourself and without wasting your precious time:
  • First of all, take a fabric before folding it in half with the right sides together. This will help you to cut the top and the bottom pieces for the cover at the same time.
  • Now you have to get the foam & position it on the top and draw the shape. The foam should be 4" inch tall so you positioned into the back of the seat parallel to fold the fabric about 2" inch. Now cut that 2" inch & unfold to become 4" inch to the back of the cushions. Draw the shape on the back where it started to curve. Now you have to up the side and the front.
  • If you want that your cushion should be square or rectangle then do the same with one side being in the fold. If you want cushions a circle or oval shape then you need to draw all the way around your foam and then cut down to circles or oval-shaped pieces.
  • If you want a fabric with a directional design then be sure that the design is going to line up on the cushions if you want the strips across all down. Then, cut about 1 centimeter outside the shape and you have to draw 1 extra centimeter for seam allowance when you sew.
  • Now you have to cut a strip 2 centimeter wider than the foam depth and you have to go long enough around the side. Now join to strips together to make it long enough.
  • Now open out your fabric shape and the long strip is going to be the wall of your cushion cover. Now if you think of 2 separate shapes then you have to measure the exact length that you need for your strip. Create a loop cut and join it. Then, you have to pin the strip to the shapes which you choose with the right side together and have to stitch into the place.
  • Now you have to join the strip to 2nd cushion shape instant the pinning try to sewing all the way around the shape. You have to leave a hole for turning & then putting the cushions into the cover you made before. Make sure you leave a quite big gap to fit the cushion in it. Now pin the strip to the second shape with the right side of your fabric together again and then sew the seam that you have pinned.
  • Now start clipping the seam allowance, it means you have to make some little cuts for the extra seam fabric, every couple of centimeters all the way around the cushion cover before you try to turn. It's very important to sit the seams nicely when you turned them. Be sure that you clip the corners fully on the straight seams. Don't try to cut the stitches then turn through the cover.
  • Finally insert your foam into the cushion, cover it & remember don't cut down any stitches by chance if it cut down then don't get panic, you can stitch it again with the help of your hand. Now pin the opening closed and check carefully the seam allowance inside. Lastly, you have to hand stitch the gap and closed.
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