How To Convert A Chandelier To A Swag Lamp: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Convert A Chandelier To A Swag Lamp

If the users want to install down the chandelier in their home and they also don't want the wires to run within the ceiling or they want to install the fresh new breaker, then they need to change their pre-existing chandelier in the swag lamp by which the users can use this as the plugged-in the cord. In this process, the users do not involve any complex wires or tools as well. The users can easily convert the chandelier to a swag lamp at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Chandelier, Swag Lamp kit, Wire Stripper
  • Electrical Cable Wire Caps, Cord Cover
  • 2 Ceiling Hooks

Step By Step Procedure

  • Install The Cord: Start by using the strippers of the wire and then strip the one inch of the cover of wire from the 2 wires that came out from the chandelier. The users are advised to notice the wire markings or the wire color so as to be assured that the users connect the right wires with the electrical cord. Then attach the chandelier wires with the cord that usually comes up with the lamp kit. Then the users need to use the wire caps or the tape so as to fasten up the connections and then properly insulate them.
  • Install The Cord Cover: Then position the cover on the wires and be assured that no wire is visible. The users need to thread down the cord within the covering or the chain that usually comes up with their lamp kit.
  • Install The Hooks: After that, the users need to locate the joist of the ceiling or the stud and then screw down the hook within the joist or the stud so that the chandelier weight will not allow the hook to get pulled out from the ceiling. Then they need to install another hook of the ceiling within the closet of the ceiling with the surface of the wall where actually the cord plug goes within the outlet.
  • Hang Chandelier: Next the users need to hang down the chandelier with the first most hook of the ceiling that they have installed and they need to be assured that the hook is supporting the chandelier height.
  • Drape Down The Wire: The users are advised to drape down the unneeded cord before they plug in their chandelier or they cover another hook of the ceiling. When they drape down the cord to the hook then they need to be assured that the cover or the chain will not hang so low.
  • Plug The Cord: The users need to plug in the cord with the outlet and then examine the chandelier by simply turning it on. If in case the light does not get turned on then the users need to examine the connections that they have made to their new swag lamp. They need to be assured that the wires are perfectly matching with the colors or are matching perfectly the positive with the positive and the negative with the negative accordingly.
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