How To Connect Twin Beds: Step By Step Process To Turn Two Twin Beds Into A King

If you have two small twin beds at your home and you are looking to turn your twin beds into a king-size bed, you can easily and surely do it on your own. For two extra-large twin beds, it is not necessary to make too many adjustments, you can simply combine the beds, and, with small adjustments, your king bed is ready. If your stairway is too small that you are not able to pass a king-size bed through, then getting two twin beds is the best solution. Due to the fact that the twin beds have the same height, width, as well as length, then you can easily connect them to each other. Connect the beds and fix them together using C-clamp or tie for attaching the two beds not to move. If you do not want to clamp the beds together, then the perfect solution is to connect the mattress only. In order to combine the mattresses, use a Foam Bridge with a belt. The bridge covers the gap betwixt the two mattresses & there is a belt that keeps the bridge in its place and takes hold of the mattresses tightly together. When you sleep on the bed, you will not know whether you have two mattresses on your bed, instead, you will feel it smooth as if you have a single large mattress.

Step By Step Process To Turn Two Twin Beds Into A King

You can easily convert your two twin-size beds into king-sized bed. A King-sized bed will be more spacious as well as comfortable for a couple to sleep in. If you are looking to turn two twin-sized beds into king-sized bed, then go through the below-mentioned step-by-step process carefully:

Step 1: Place Both Mattresses Next To Each Other On The Frame

First of all, it is important to level your mattresses before placing them together on the frame. Both mattresses need to be at the same level in order to have the best feeling as well as make it as seamless as possible.

Step 2: Fix Both Mattresses With A Bridge

After setting both mattresses at the same level, now, it is time to join the beds and fix them with the help of clamps. This is important if you are looking to permanently convert it into a king bed. However, if you are looking for a temporary solution, then using a bridge will do the job. The foam bed bridge will help you fill the gap between two mattresses in order to connect them and make them smooth for use. Fix the bridge using a belt and fill the gap to have an even surface betwixt the two beds. It is highly recommended to use the bed bridge converting kit from Bedia, due to the reason that it is a full kit that includes both the bridge when it comes to connecting the twin beds and the strap. While this is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as it fills the gap, makes both beds connected to each other, and finally makes you feel more comfortable while sleeping.

Step 3: Compensate For Shorter Length Of The Mattress

Connecting the mattress to the frame may result in some extra space on the bed frame. In fact, if you are using two standard twin mattresses, they will be 5” shorter as compared to a king bed frame. This is the reason that it is important to fill this extra space. You can also use an upholstered headboard on the upper side of your bed, which are widely available in the market and will make you feel more comfortable. This is an important step to take as the mattress must fit nicely in the frame, otherwise, it will not be even and will finally move when you sit or lay down on your bed. Purchase a cover for your brand-new king-size bed before putting it on. Place the pillows and then your king-sized bed is ready.
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